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January 4, 2014

Corruption in both public and private sectors equally disgusting

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Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor

Corruption and corrupt practices in Malaysia are very focused on the civil service and high-profile politicians.

That’s because many are visibly living beyond their means – living in mansions and driving million-ringgit cars.

However, graft in the private sector is no less disgusting and ugly. Corruption has become a norm to Malaysians and the country is also dubiously known as the world champion in corruption.

On Dec 3, the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa) unveiled a case to theantdaily, a complainant alleging that he was forced to “pay” or “surrender” his monthly allowances to his senior manager.

Cassa chairman Datuk Dr Jacob George said the complainant reported the case to him, alleging cheating by his senior manager.

“The complainant was forced to return his allowances every month to his superior. He is being paid more than RM6,000 a month, but RM2,500 which covers his travelling expenses, is taken by the manager.

“At least 40 per cent goes back to the company, so in a year he has to return at least RM60,000 to the big boss’ pocket,” George said.

He said the complainant claimed that other employees from the same company had also been “paying” at least 40 per cent of their allowances to the same superior.

The complainant, from a blue chip company, also alleged that he had been harassed by his supervisor. The complainant has since resigned after more than a year.

George said: “After the story was highlighted, I have received calls from nine companies expressing concern over such corrupt and bullying tactics.

“We have agreed to meet up with the companies and provide information to enable them conduct in-house cleaning. We are willing to meet them and show them how the finances of companies are done.”

George, a consumer advocate for 30 years, was quite appalled over the scenario of employers giving out appointment letters and, when the person is offered the job, they are expected to pay back the company.

“The salary of employees workers goes back to the supervisor as kickbacks,” he said.

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