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January 10, 2014

Who is “The Choosen One”?


Leslley Kalom

The term of present Sarawak Governor, Tun Haji Abang Sallahudin Bin Abang Barieng, formerly known with his Christian name, Louis Barieng expired on 28th February 2014

Rumours spreading around in Kuching saying that Yang Dikasehi, Chief Monster of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud will step down on or before that date and took over as the new Governor of Sarawak.

Everybody knows that this is his dream following his uncle footsteps, Tun Rahman Yaakub

There is a “believe” that once you get the title Tun, therefore you’re imune, invisible and untouchable by Law but that is a false believe.

Nobody is above the Law, even the YDPA or Sultan. There is no written law

Back to the issue, the million dollar question is who’s going to took over from from Taib as Chief Monster?

Among the contenders are the “The QUARTET A” namely Awang Tengah a.k.a Awang Middle a.k.a Awang Tanah, Abang Johari, Adenan Satem or the Paramount chief, the Huguan Siou of the Dayaks, Taib’s Loyal Servant, Tan Sri Datuk Pattingi Dr Afraid Jabu anak Numpang.

The powerful PBB Senior Vice President, 2nd Resource Planning and Environment Minister, Awang Tengah was rumoured to hatch a plot to end Taib’s 33 years rule before and after the State Election in 2011 with the help of federal leaders but failed, however he’s not giving up yet

It is an open secret in Sarawak that he has firm grip over numbers of ADUNs in Sarawak and not limited to ADUNs from PBB. He is said to have his Warlords on standby mode and ready to “Clear the way” for their boss to get the No.1 post and everybody is well aware of this including Taib.

He is the “Hidden Hand” behind SPDP fiasco which has lead to the sacking of its 4 ADUNs and 1 MP in 2013

Abang Johari 63, PBB Deputy President, son of Sarawak 1st Governor, Tun Haji Openg, PBB long serving deputy President who is the De facto leader of the Malays in PBB was said to be not in Taib’s good book due to infighting in PBB during PBB Party Election in the 1990s when Taib was in favour of Adenan Satem as his Deputy President and he was beaten not once but twice by Abang Johari

Abang Johari won with the supports from Christians / Dayaks Wings of PBB, Pesaka as Adenan Satem was seen as too arrogant, too rude to the Dayaks and that was the sentiments from PESAKA wings

He was also said to be close to UMNO leadership and even among the PBB members, they believe the moment Abang Johari took over as CM, UMNO would set foot in Sarawak however it is yet to be proven, it could be just a propaganda by his enemies in PBB

Adenan Satem 70, PBB Information Chief, former Natural Resources Minister, Taib’s prodigal son and his ex brother in law (Adenan was once married to Taib’s sister, Zainab) made a comeback in 2010 when he was appointed by Taib as Minister for Special Envoy in the Chief Minister Government, a special post which being created for him

Adenan was known to be in poor health after he undergone heart transplant in Singapore in 2012

At the height of his career, he was once tipped of as Taib’s only successor but later being send to “Exile” to Federal for being too ambitious

As for Alfred Jabu 74, Deputy CM, Minister Modernisation of Agriculture, 2nd Deputy President of PBB from PESAKA Wings, Taib’s Loyal Servant a.k.a “Ulun Tuai Taib”, he stand no chance at all.

He might just retire as soon as Taib step down. He is there just to served Taib and nothing more than that. He only has the power to dictate any candidates from PRS and SPDP come the election

Any potential candidate would be screened out by Jabu though their names has been submitted by respective Party President to BN Chairman of Sarawak (Taib) and Najib as BN Chairman

Anything would need to pass him through and later Taib

Back then he was called as the Giant Killer when he beat SNAP President, Sarawak 1st CM, the late Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan in Layar by slim majority of 504 votes in 1974 state election

He was hand picked by Tun Rahman Yaakub to kill off Ningkan politically. To me, he’s nothing more than one among few Dayak Traitor in 20th century

He was infamous with his failed Projek Kepayang which has earned himself the nickname “Menteri Kepayang”

He was also one of PBB leaders who refuse to accept ex SNAP members application to join PBB in Ad Hoc in 1983 lead by Datuk Daniel Tajem aftermath Moggie / Tajem group infighting against James Wong / Kalong Ningkan in SNAP. That has lead to formation of PBDS in 1983 with Datuk Leo Moggie as it’s 1st and Last President

Former news editor who is close to PBB leaders once told me back in 2009 that PBB is just like a Time Bomb, it’s just just a matter of time for it to explode as soon as Taib step down as it is full with Power Craze and Warlords

So who is “The Choosen One” for the No.1 seat at Level 22, Wisma Bapa Malaysia in Kuching?


  1. the time has come for Pehin to retreat and retire to enjoy all the riches he can afford. Are you not tired and sick Pehin?

    Comment by sovereign — January 12, 2014 @ 11:27 PM | Reply

  2. awang Tanah is the most likely to be anointed to sit on that not so reputable seat. Among all of them, he is probably the one having the most hold on taib balls through his ministry of planning. A little tug on those balls will definitely swing the tide in his favour and that would breathe new life to those useless SPDP 5!

    Comment by brian — January 11, 2014 @ 1:42 PM | Reply

  3. There will always be Power Craze and Warlords, or whatever you want to call them – they probably are next to us at our workplace, any organisations, etc – hence, it’s called Politics!
    As to the Chosen One, it is a matter of time for all of us to know. We can continue to speculate – Abg Jo, Awang Tengah, Effendi, and of course we used to think Leo Micheal Toyad…
    When the Chosen One is announced later on, it might be a surprise of no surprise after all!

    Comment by Robert Sailin — January 10, 2014 @ 11:57 PM | Reply

  4. Let us be fair, which politician is clean and trustworthy? Taib has been criticized and mocked for everything – corruption, cronyism and customary rights valuation. He has been cursed , but the curser will be at the receiving end – the curser will ultimately be cursed. The old man deserves some respect.

    Comment by sovereign — January 10, 2014 @ 8:59 PM | Reply

    • He wants some respect, he has to earn it and don’t expect any from the Natives he despise and disrespect! The old man deserve only to look closely at himself and ask himself some serious questions as to why he ‘s been mocked and criticized?

      Look inward before looking outward!

      Comment by brian — January 11, 2014 @ 8:50 AM | Reply

      • He is mocked and criticized because he is rich, powerful and still healthy with a Lebanese beauty as wife. People are jealous of Pehin Sri, the most powerful man in Malaysia. Najib do not dare touch him.

        Comment by Pehin no no — January 11, 2014 @ 7:34 PM | Reply

        • I like the way you defend him. You are somehow mocking him yourself!

          Comment by brian — January 11, 2014 @ 8:29 PM | Reply

    • name just one good thing the ‘old man’ has done for you…. or for this state that anyone else with half a brain could hve done.

      even u could have managed it and got very rich in the process. its no coincidence that turd world countries which are rich in natural resources have dictators at the helm whose mantra is ‘concessions concessions and more concessions.’

      Comment by jv — April 3, 2014 @ 5:12 PM | Reply

  5. Based on hierarchy, Alfred Jabu from the Persaka group in PBB should be the next Chief Monster. It will be a great surprise if the Dayaks in PBB allow a much junior VP to climb over the deputy chief monster to succeed the Thief Minister .

    Comment by Special Branch — January 10, 2014 @ 4:54 PM | Reply

    • There is no hierarchy in Sarawak politics, Jabu has been DCM and Deputy PBB president since 70s when Rahman was CM. The unwritten rule since then was Melanaus only as CM. Politics is not that simple but beautiful indeed.

      Comment by sovereign — January 11, 2014 @ 3:32 AM | Reply

    • There do exist hierarchy in PBB but it is only for the Malay/Melay-now, even if jabu is to turn halal he and them Dayaks who may have the brains will be kept out.

      PBB is run exactly like UMNO in Malaya. Take away the business, PBB will disappear but take away PBB business will be multiply and reach many!

      Comment by brian — January 11, 2014 @ 8:59 AM | Reply

  6. They are all a bunch of greedy ambitious old men and none is palatable to Sarawakians. Nothing will change if any of them took over the CM post. If anything, due to their age which mean a shot term as CM, they will rob the state with gusto. None of the mentioned has been known to be clean and they probably want to be as rich and Taib. The only way out of our miseries and theirs is to kick the whole rotten bunch of crooks out.

    Comment by apai — January 10, 2014 @ 8:51 AM | Reply

  7. Another speculation/guessing game. Politics is an enigma; nobody can really understand and explain it. Many years back people thought that Dr. Sulaiman Daud should take over from Rahman Yakub when he retired but we saw Taib coming in. Now, Awang Tengah is touted as the chosen one but he will not be the one. I also do not know whom. There is an unwritten rule that Sarawak CM should be a Moslem Melanau and your four candidates mentioned are not. Effendi Norwawi, Wahab Suhaili, Muhd Leo Toyad and Len Talif Salleh are the ones to watch, with Effendi as the most likely. I am not a prophet just like Leslley.

    Comment by Phek Moo — January 10, 2014 @ 8:10 AM | Reply

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