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January 12, 2014

Press freedom protest peaceful, why investigate?


The police’s intention to probe the ‘Red Pencil Protest’ by the media fraternity on Jan 4 is unnecessary and based merely on “trivial technicalities”, said the organisers.

Gerakan Media Marah (Geramm) said they were ready to cooperate with the police on any investigations.

“However, after our protest was carried out peacefully and without any untoward incident, we feel that the investigation (if it is initiated) is only based on trivial technical reasons.

“Police are using a procedural excuse that we did not provide the 10-day notification before the Red Pencil Protest as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 (PAA),” said a Geramm spokesperson Radzi Razak in a statement today.

“In fact, there were police personnel stationed at the protest site to monitor the situation and can therefore confirm that it was peaceful.

“Geramm once again would like to thank the authorities for their cooperation and observation during our protest on Jan 4.

“Our speeches, slogans and actions during the Red Pencil Protest were not intended as an act of provocation towards any party,” said Radzi, who is a Malaysiakini journalist.

Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar yesterday reiterated that the police intend to probe the 200-strong rally outside the Bar Council.

The loose coalition of journalists and activists gathered to protest the suspension of news weekly The Heat as well as other serious impediments to press freedom and journalists’ safety.

Showing their support at therally were Bersih 2.0 former chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan and social activist Marina Mahathir.

Among the politicians present were Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Batu MP Tian Chua and Selangor deputy assembly speaker Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Next course of action

Geramm said it will be orgnanising a series of dialogue sessions until the May 3 World Press Freedom Day.

“Apart from that, Geramm will be organising a dialogue with mainstream newspapers and online news portals to coordinate the publication of articles on press freedom issues,” it said.

On top of that it intends  to produce a book on the topic and a petition for the Home Ministry.

Furthermore, it said all the broken pencils collected during the Jan 4 protest as well as its eight demands for press freedom will be sent to the Home Ministry at an undisclosed date.

“We will also continue with our ‘wear red’ campaign every Friday in solidarity with The Heat newsweekly which is still suspended.

“We urge all journalists, media organisation staff and readers to participate in the wear red campaign on every Friday,” it said.


  1. It’s a known fact that press freedom does not exist in Malaysia where the mainstream is fully controlled by one party, BN. Such modus operandi will unable all Malaysians to read news that are supposed to be reported as per the ethics of news reporting. The devious BN will never blink so as to soften up its stand against independent news portals. This is sick and it goes to show how malicious the Ministry of Home Affairs acn be to control its jurisdiction.

    Comment by Geronimo Miller — January 21, 2014 @ 5:19 AM | Reply

  2. Never buy and read NST!

    Comment by damien — January 14, 2014 @ 11:56 AM | Reply

  3. Why we elected shitty government ? Or shitty government ” elected” itself through corruption and police/army force ?

    Comment by PC — January 13, 2014 @ 1:54 AM | Reply

  4. The protest for Press Freedom was investigated because it was a peaceful, one which was carried out by the decent and law abiding citizens. Can you recall the number of investigations, being carried out on the hundreds of protects which were staged by the perkasa, extremists and fanatics? They are friends of friends. Good people are convenient victims of bullies.

    Comment by streetwalker — January 12, 2014 @ 3:54 PM | Reply

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