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January 12, 2014

One does not simply stop the ‘Allah’ train-wreck

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Odin Tajue 

The proposal made by Karpal Singh for a full bench to hear the appeal made by The Herald-Catholic church to the Federal Court bears reference.

It is unlikely that a full bench will ensure an outcome acceptable to all and put the issue to rest, and everyone live happily ever after.

Let us first assume that all the judges sitting will be free of any influence and adjudicate fairly. The word ‘influence’ is, of course, loaded with meanings.

Should the judges or the majority of them find against the church, many non-Muslims will conclude that it is due to the fact that 80 percent of them are Muslims. You will have a significant section of the population quite unhappy.

But it will not stop at merely the feeling of unhappiness. We shall shortly prognosticate what dire consequences may result.

Should the judges or the majority of them find for the church, many Muslims – the misguided and the bigoted ones, of course – will be angry. Incited and remunerated, some of them will carry out nefarious acts such as bombing yet more churches with molotov cocktails and burning copies of the Bible. They may even kill.

Should any of such acts be executed, the perpetrators – if (a big if) they are identified, charged and convicted – will be handed relatively light sentences.

As many of us know, several Muslim ministers in the cabinet are overtly racists and religious bigots, while the police are seemingly subservient to the political party to which those ministers belong, and not to mention the impartiality of part of the judiciary is suspect.

Let us now assume that not all the Muslim judges sitting will be free of any influence.

In this scenario, we may find some of them becoming ‘experts’ on Christianity merely after clicking the mouse button a few times to conduct a quick, narrow, shallow inquiry they pompously call “research”, and make nonsensical pronouncements such as we have seen very recently.

‘Irrefutable to the ignorant’

The pronouncements are nonsensical to those of we who are informed and care to look at least a little beyond the surface; but to those consumed with hatred for Christians and Christianity, or are ignorant and have unenquiring minds, they are irrefutable.

In this scenario, the finding will naturally be against the church. Such a finding will mean that millions of copies of the ‘Alkitab’, ‘Bup Kudus’, ‘Kitab’ and other versions of the Bible published in a language that uses the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God as well as any other Christian print literature and analogue and digital storage media that contain the said word, will have to be destroyed.

The federal government may be able to enforce the destruction in the peninsula. In East Malaysia though, especially in Sarawak, it is doubtful.

We can be assured that the Christian East Malaysian ministers in government will, as usual, do and say nothing.

Or, if one or two of them do miraculously manage to locate what little bits of atrophied, dormant guts they have and resuscitate them, all they will be doing is spewing mere hot air out through their mouths.

But the man-in-the-street Christians are a different story altogether.

They will have been shoved against the wall, so to speak. And when they are in that position, they will forget to turn the other cheek and lash out instead.

And they will most likely not be alone. There are people much displeased with the way the federal government has been mistreating East Malaysia all these past five decades. These people will surely support them.

We can be assured what will happen will not exactly be a party. At least, it will not be one we would want to be invited to, anyway.

The ‘Allah’ issue is an enormous tinderbox, all right. And the match has been struck and is moving inexorably towards it. No court on earth, not even the International Court of Justice, can stop the progress of the match. Only the party that fabricated the box and struck it (the match) can.

We know who the party is. But will it?

Maybe not. Because, like Macbeth after committing the murder, it is stepp’d in so far that returning were as tedious as go o’er, and so it might as well go o’er.

Macbeth died in the end. Will we see a parallel?

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