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February 25, 2014

‘Under-table’ arrangements for the kinky. And that’s not breaking the law!

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V Shuman

Fancy a swinging session? Don’t head to the playground, log on to the Internet instead. There’s an online forum that unites swingers (of the kinky kind) and people with other types of sexual kinks in Singapore and Malaysia.

To the uninitiated, swinging in this context refers to the non-monogamous behaviour, in which partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activity with others as a recreational or social activity.

Dubbing itself a social club, the forum boasts of the name undertable in its URL. It does not only cater to swingers and couple swappers, but also those who prefer other kinks like bondage sex as well. Members also post nude photos of themselves or of their partners, in a column called “erotic arts” to satisfy their exhibitionist selves.

A check by theantdaily revealed that one has to only register as a member to gain access to the exchanges going on inside the forum, including viewing the pictures. To date, it has more than 12,000 registered members who frequent the forum to arrange meet-ups and trysts.

In 2010, there were reports about the thriving swinging scene in Malaysia which prides itself on being a moderate Muslim country. It revealed the existence of swinging clubs, where members join with a monthly fee of RM150 and get to attend events organised by the clubs. Some club members are the who’s who of society who are very particular about keeping their activities discreet.

However, this forum does not charge monthly fees for its members. It only acts as a venue for swingers to scout for other like-minded couples and what happens afterwards is behind closed doors (or not.) The role of the moderator, believed to be operating in Singapore, is just providing a forum to enable persons with whatever sexual kinks to gather.

Posts in the forum include invitation by married couples, surprisingly from conservative places like Kedah and Kelantan, for swinging sessions. Attached with some of the threads are pictures of the couples, some dressed and some nude, with their faces pixelated, along with vital statistics of those who offer their services. Most claim that they are clean of any sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as part of their pitching.

The forum also provides room for registered members to exchange goods, such as used underwear and sex toys, to name a few, among themselves. Dinner dates are also arranged via threads in the forum. The site has its fair share of posts by members of all races all over Malaysia.

There is nothing much the authorities can do to crack down on this “moral” crime as there is no monetary exchanges involved whatsoever in any of the transactions. It’s adult to adult mutual agreement to have sex, or whatever floats the members’ boats.

Most of the posts in the forum are by couples in committed relationships and they are perfectly all right with their other half bedding another person, as it is “liberating”. To some, it may be morally wrong, but it is not in the eyes of the law.


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