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February 28, 2014

High fares for perilous rides

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FeriFMT Staff

Get a new operator for ferries between Marudi and Kuala Baram, says SAM

An environmental group has urged the government to revamp the ferry services across the Baram and Bakong rivers in Sarawak, saying the fares are too high and the safety features inadequate.

SM Mohamed Idris, president of Friends of Nature Malaysia (SAM), said in a media statement today that the government should consider calling for new tenders from other ferry operators.

Currently, the minimum fares per crossing are RM3 for motorcycles, RM15 for motorcars and small trucks, RM100 for three-ton lorries and RM150 for heavier lorries.

A return trip costs RM30 in the case of a motorcar.

“Despite such exorbitant charges, the service is far from satisfactory,” Idris said.

The two ferries take different river routes in carrying commuters between Marudi and Kuala Baram.

He said both ferries were too old and too small. During festival periods, passengers sometimes have to wait for more than two hours to get aboard either of the ferries.

Idris said commuters had also complained of frequent breakdowns, including those caused by a fault in the hydraulic system that operates the landing ramp.

He said the ramps had frequently failed to land evenly on the ground, exposing vehicles to the risk of crashing into the water.

He questioned whether the ferry operator had a valid licence. If so, he said, the ferries would have to be regularly serviced and equipped with appropriate safety features.

“These are sorely lacking now,” he added.

He said the government should also expedite the construction of a bridge across Alternatively, he said the government should expedite the construction of a bridge each across Sungai Baram and Sungai Bakong.

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  1. The folks in this area are caught with their pants hanging below their knees. Thinking that they would be continuing to enjoy free beers and cigarettes this time they are caught with their pants down, What a wonderful world ? Where is the elected parliamentary politician? Gone missing? Afraid to face the reality on the ground?

    Comment by loyarburok — February 28, 2014 @ 11:59 AM | Reply

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