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July 3, 2014

Fate of seized Bibles remains uncertain

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The fate of the seized Iban and Malay language copies of the Bible remains uncertain as Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim keeps the people guessing over the progress of the situation.

Khalid, who chaired the exco meeting earlier today, said he had met the attorney-general (AG).

“There is a resolution and now it is in the process of implementation. I cannot give more comments as it has already begun. I will announce it later,” he said.

Some 321 copies of the Bible were seized from the Bible Society of Malaysia’s office last January.

It was previously reported that the AG had decided “no further action” would be taken in this case and that legal action it would not be instituted.

This was followed with Khalid directing his executive council members to work together with the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) and the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) to look into returning the seized holy books.

However, Jais and Mais have declined to return the copies.

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin had asked the matter be referred to court.

Khalid also criticised Mais chairperson Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa’s statement that it would continue with operations to seize bibles which contained the word ‘Allah’ and detain the individuals found distributing it.

He said the Selangor government has accepted the views of the AG not to take action on this matter.

“There is a possibility that Mais had made the statement based on the existing enactment which gives it the power to monitor the bibles,” he added.

Adzib was quoted to have said that they would not endorse the AG’s views.


  1. Muslim are the majority, 60 % in Malaysia. The BN government is run by Muslim, the polis are run by Muslim, the chief judges and AG are Muslims. The arm forces are Muslims, the civil services are headed by Muslims, the principals and teachers are 95 % Muslims! the GLCS are run by Muslims, the governor of bank negara is a Muslim. MACC is headed by Muslim. The are 100 x mosques than churches and temples combine. Our Agung is head of Islam.

    So how can Islam in Malaysia be under threat by non-Muslims?
    Lu pikirlah sendiri!

    Comment by Abu Hassan Adam — July 7, 2014 @ 12:43 PM | Reply

  2. The bloody hypocrites supported and funded by the highly corrupted UMNO Baru controlled BN gpvernment has shamelessly acted in the most unislamic manner. All right minded and God fearing Muslims were too shameful to be associated with these ultra bigots and extremists.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — July 3, 2014 @ 6:51 PM | Reply

  3. Holy books are holy. Holy words are holy. Perhaps the holy books are already destroyed. If not just return it to the rightful owner – this holy month is the best time and best gesture.

    Comment by mahadir — July 3, 2014 @ 3:35 PM | Reply

  4. 18% of Malays in Malaysia said suicide bombing on civilians can be justified, according to the latest survey. What has happened to Islam as a religion of peace?

    Comment by loga — July 3, 2014 @ 11:04 AM | Reply

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