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July 24, 2014

I have a clear stand over the brouhaha.

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wake upKim Destiny

Zionist-Hamas issue leads many of us in to emotional judgement that most of us would not be able to see things from different angles.

Not only are we full of hatred and biased view of being so unilateral, but we are playing and poking around with religions and sentiments that affect not only people in the middle east, but many people around the globe.

To me, I rather choose not to put the blame on one of the two nations nor did I see religion should be one of the major influences for me to be on one side of the parties involved.

It will always be Hamas who hands over innocent souls to be slaughtered and Zionist who comes to slaughtered. It is not either Israelites or Palestinians to be blamed. It is actually those two organizations are guilty as charged.

Rain of rockets traumatized people of both states. Gaza who has Hamas that proclaimed itself as a protector has failed in its capability to protect the people. Instead of looking forward to having a peaceful resolution, Hamas rejected 3 ceasefire proposals offered by their Egypt, UN and International Red Cross. Israel somehow accepted all.

In contrary to many false beliefs, Israelites experienced the same level of trauma as Hamas too (despite denial) launched hundreds of rockets to cities within the state of Israel. Too certain extend, I believe many people could not see this. However, IDF has a good anti-rocket defence systems that they built in almost all major cities, and some of the rockets failed to touch the ground, hence less death and destruction resulted in.

There were few neighbourhood in Gaza were classified to be the redzones. IDF planned counter-attacks and many ops to be implemented in order to stop Hamas. Warnings were broadcasted, IDF instructed civillians to get out from the targetted area. However Hamas with the jihad and ultra-patriotism campaigns influenced people to stay. Guess what, Hamas had its human shield ready to trigger a psychological war. Many people died, and blame would certainly being pointed out to someone who caused the death.

While IDF is busy building the anti-rocket systems and strengthening its defence system, Hamas is busy building their ratholes beneath the commercial buildings and public infrastructures like mosques, schools, residences, etc. The satellite spotted few rocket launcher were built next to public buildings and play grounds. Many tunnels were built to access Israelites towns. They stored rockets in their ratholes beneath the schools.

History backed Israelites. Out of the 12 tribes, at least 2 tribes are still exist; which is now forming modern Israelites. The Arabs who reside there, we are unsure if they are Goliath’s bloodlines.

If someone believe this skirmish induces religions and it is our respobsibilities to help our brothers and sisters in faith, please think carefully! There were few Muslim from Nazareth fought with IDF against Hamas! And there are few Jewish Rabbi wanted the war to be ended right away! Many Christians condemned the act of terror and many neighbouring muslim countries seemed do not really care of what is happening now.

Being a Christian, or a Muslim or a Jew does not mean that you have to see it from the eyeglasses of the respective religion. But see this as a human. Fanatic belief leads to wrong and biased judgemental view. Popular belief is not definitely right.

Study the case from the first day it erupted. Not from July 8. Read more, and the truth will be revealed.

I love both people of Israel and Palestine. And so I condemn the act of terror and deeply saddened by the death caused by both Zionist and Hamas.


  1. The tunnels that Hamas has dug under Gaza’s border with Israel – tunnels designed not for commerce, but for kidnapping – reportedly contain tranquillisers and handcuffs, seemingly meant to be used by Hamas terrorists to gain physical control over Israelis they’ve seized.

    Comment by Tooth Fairy — July 26, 2014 @ 3:11 PM | Reply

  2. Why Malaysia so busy with Saving Gaza when the Islamic world (OIC) keeps quiet?

    Comment by Regie — July 26, 2014 @ 11:35 AM | Reply

  3. If some one keep on throwing their cat shits onto your lawn,even the most patient of human beings will one day say enough is enough, no more throwing cat shits onto my lawn. Its like this Hamas has a death wish for all Palestinians living under their control. Israel has already given them the West Bank and Gaza and yet they don’t want to stop picking a fight with their more powerful neighbour.Perhaps their economy is driven by manufacturing these inaccurate and unreliable small rockets which they are using to take a pot shot of Israel daily? And why are they fighting among themselves for control of lands already given to them to build a Nation on?

    If they have concerntrated their agressive energy to building a better future living in Gaza and West Bank,Lands given by Israel for them to call their own country, they would certainly prosper like israel has.Perhaps our Dr M should preach to them about his “Prosper thy neighbour and Semangat Kejiranan” thingy, there would be less hatred for the jews among us Malaysians. But then again we Malaysians always take sides based on religion and to us these is not a conflict between two independent nations but between three religions.

    Its time for the Palestinians to stop thinking about handouts, donations and stop exploiting the generousity of their sympathetic Arab neighbours for their survival. They must concerntrate on building a Palestinian Nation in the West Bank and Gaza and not getting killed for the sake of HAMAS and its Leaders!

    Comment by Brian — July 25, 2014 @ 12:29 PM | Reply

    • whatever umno-baru’s tactics of selective championing of muslim cause internationally with the locals, it is working. fb postings from malays on gaza is testament of its propaganda success. even their choice of targeting mh17 only and nothing on mh370 these days is working. the locals are so easily manipulated by umno-baru. so so sad the state this country is in.

      Comment by RF71 — July 26, 2014 @ 11:46 AM | Reply

  4. Terrorism & using human shields are utterly wrong. Period.

    Comment by Sharpshooter — July 24, 2014 @ 7:39 PM | Reply

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