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August 10, 2014

Over 3,000 Punans without clean water

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A total of 161 Punan families, comprising over 3,000 villagers, at Punan Bah, Belaga have been without clean water for consumption and domestic use for two weeks.

The village is located about two and half hours by express boat from here.

“Two weeks now since the end of July, not even a drop of rain and our gravity feed water pipe is all dried up. We are facing a very severe and acute crisis of no clean water for consumption as well as domestic purposes like bathing and cooking,” said Kapit District Council Councillor Melai Alang, who resides in Punan Bah.

“Not all the families can afford water containers to collect rain water during the rainy season. I bought my own water pump but not everybody can afford to buy it. Also the small streams near the settlement have already dried up.”

Melai explained that due to the low level, what water remains in the Rajang River is stagnant and foul smelling.

“We don’t blame the government or anybody because this is the work of nature. What I’d say is the oil palm plantation and logging in our area has actually contributed towards water pollution. May be the government, while taking care of those urban centres, also gives a thought to us and how to overcome this problem,” he said.

Melai added that the staff and pupils of SK Punan Bah and the Punan Bah Clinic also have no choice but to bathe in the Rajang River.

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  1. Many people do not know that there are people called Punan. The only they thought is Penan. Who care about them? I have always wondered where are the government departments like district office, district council and medical in time of need such as now. Makan gaji (buta)?

    Comment by tun-pehin — August 11, 2014 @ 5:01 PM | Reply

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