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August 14, 2014

One vote for Khalid is one vote for Umno

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IMG-20140814-WA005Sherilyn Goh

At the height of the menteri besar crisis, Selangor Umno chairperson Noh Omar, being the opportunist that he is, has so excitedly jumped on the bandwagon of condemning PKR by claiming to have known of Khalid’s wrongdoings all along.

Ironically, just after his master subsequently issued commands for all of Umno’s assemblypersons to throw their unconditional support behind Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should a vote of no-confidence against the now independent MB be called for in the state legislative assembly, Noh Omar deferentially obliged, of course.

Same goes for their MCA colleagues who are ready to call for a press conference to censure PKR and Pakatan for Khalid’s wrongdoings on the very same day the commands were issued. They have no choice but to relent on an opportunity to score political brownie points. Poor MCA somehow has to remain irrelevant and bow down to their political masters as always, and like their Umno counterparts, to speak and act against their conscience.

From both incidents, it is clear that BN knew very well of Khalid’s dirt all along and was ready to play the offensive and strike should the time call for it – somehow they backtracked only when they realised that something better was in store for them, which was the opportunity to wrest the Selangor state administration from the now embattled Pakatan government, following the sacking of 5 executive councillors (excos) from DAP and PKR respectively.

Hence, if it is not clear enough, the explanation for how Umno changed overnight to become the number one proponent of Khalid, with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pledging support and the mainstream media giving the MB an unprecedented coverage not enjoyed by any Pakatan politicians before.

Does Umno’s endorsement of Khalid, for one, not send chills down your spine already?

It remains to be seen if Khalid will blatantly replace the sacked excos with Umno assemblypersons in the days to come, but should that happen, DAP and PKR will lose hold of their now volatile share in the Selangor state administration, which, should that be the case, will be an outrageous disregard to the people’s mandate, and may even be another constitutional crisis in the making.

Even detractors of Khalid have to give it to him now for being the political beast that he is capable of becoming when all else failed for him.

The extent to which Khalid would go to in order to cling on to power is, in fact, undignified, with no regard to the fact that two-thirds of Selangorians voted for a Pakatan government in the past 13th general elections.

It is no longer a matter of PKR’s internal turmoil here, but a betrayal of the voices of Selangorians who have spoken and all-out rejected Barisan Nasional rule. What seems to be the case now is that Selangor is at the brink of falling back into BN’s grasp, the party which stands to gain the most in this fiasco.

The destiny of the people of Selangor is being held at ransom.

PAS’s silence in the outbreak of such series of events over the past few days is at best deafening. August 17 is now the longest wait. So will PAS assemblypersons, for once, please speak up, defy and have your voices truly counted where and when it matters?

As for my fellow Selangorians, if you are all for accountable governance, then show that you have the same audacity when it is against a politician from the very party you support. If Umno’s corruption is detestable, then show that you will not tolerate any hocus-pocus even when it comes to the politician that you have voted into office. If Khalid is betraying the hopes and aspirations of the people by having his integrity compromised, then it is time, too, for him to go.

When you take to the streets with Bersih, it is a war-cry against corruption as a whole. When you ride on the wave of change it is not mere romanticism against Umno – the reality extends far beyond that. If you are truly in the spirit of change, then have the audacity to show that the same applies no matter which side of the political divide you are aligned with.

If a party is not allowed to right its wrong and you are blissfully tolerating status quo, do not cling to the benefit of hindsight another three or four years down the road when Selangor is lost and wish that the party had done otherwise. Because change has never been convenient, because change requires the courage to own up to your mistake and quickly take actions to rectify it.

My fellow Selangorians, it is about time we stopped punishing PKR for owning up to its mistakes and stand in solidarity with one common enemy again, for one vote for Khalid is now one vote for Umno to reclaim Selangor.

Let us not allow the excruciating lessons of history to repeat themselves.



  1. Precisely and exactly, one vote for those is one vote going to drain….what a waste.

    Comment by Kopi O — August 14, 2014 @ 7:35 PM | Reply

  2. This is precisely what the Kajang Move is trying to prevent as it is now apparent that Khalid has been secretly working with Umno?

    Comment by Usop — August 14, 2014 @ 8:15 AM | Reply

    • more appropriate to say works for $$$$ lah.

      Comment by tiuniamah — August 14, 2014 @ 4:45 PM | Reply

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