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October 2, 2014

‘Church only seeking just solution to Allah issue’

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The Church and its congregation are merely seeking a just resolution to the Sidang Injil Borneo matter and for the authorities to abide by the agreements Malaya had with Sabah and Sarawak when the two states joined the federation in 1963.

Going back to the foundation for the formation of Malaysia, said Reverend Jerry A Dusing, who initiated the judicial review for Sidang Injil Borneo, “we are not asking for a change but for the status quo to be maintained”.

“This includes that we, being part and parcel in developing a just and harmonious nation, as the bumiputera community, are allowed some guarantees on religious freedom for Sabah and Sarawak,” Dusing said after the Court of Appeal decisiontoday.

“We are not asking for support (from the state government) but a just resolution. Going back to history, this was the guarantee before the 20 Points Agreement with Sabah and 18 Points with Sarawak.

“Clearly, it states religious freedom is guaranteed in the formation of Malaysia – that includes Sabah, Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore coming together to for this beautiful nation of ours,” he said.

Dusing (left), who is Sidang Injil Borneo president, in welcoming the apex court’s allowing of the bid to initiate a judicial review on the use of the word ‘Allah’ in all publications for its congregations, said there was still a long way to go in the legal battle ahead.

The Court of Appeal today unanimously granted leave to  Sidang Injil Borneo to  initiate the judicial review. In judicial review cases, it is a two-step process for the matter to be heard fully on its merits.

‘Cloud of fear hanging on our heads’

Although Sidang Injil Borneo has got its holy books back in 2008, Dusing said, they do not want the threat to continue, for there is ‘a cloud of fear’ as a result of the administrative ruling.

He said the administrative ruling (imposed by the federal government) barring the use of the word Allah and three other terms by Christian was only applicable to some states in the peninsula and not to Sabah and Sarawak and also Penang, which does not have such a state legislation.

“This administrative ruling causes action to be taken at any point of time and action can be taken that will put us in jeopardy for practising our faith .

“The key issue is what happens in the future – if the episode repeats itself – how difficult it will be for us to practise our faith harmoniously,” Dusing said.

The church or Sidang Injil Borneo, he said only wanted a clear stand on the matter as it would be difficult if this Allah issue is raised from time to time.

The Christian community of Sabah and Sarawak have been using the term Allah for many years as they speak in Bahasa Malaysia in the church.

Dusing used this case as an example, for it took them eight years to come to this point of getting leave for the judicial review.

“We do not want this whole episode to repeat itself again,” he said. “For us, we do not want to play in any public issue.

“We want to peacefully go through with our faith, without even stirring any issue. We do not want to create tension in any community. We only want to see progress for everybody, which will be be good for anybody.”

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  1. Religion of peace?

    Comment by Vinoo — October 6, 2014 @ 5:48 PM | Reply

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