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November 1, 2014

To all religious and racial bigots, MYOB

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Ng Kee Seng

As a journalist with 35 years’ experience, I find it extremely difficult to write this piece without using “I”.

I always avoid using “I” in my writing because it is truly too “oneself”.

However, I have to give it an exception when it comes to religious and racial bigots who cannot stop MYOB (Mind-ing Your Own Business).

I guess I have to write it the “I” way because the police and the Umno-led Barisan Nasional government just refuse to stop the faeces spewed by bigots to threaten national unity.

The public perception of colour-blind peace-loving Malaysians is that the government is not doing anything to stop the bigots and that’s really worrying.

The heightening of religious and racial intolerance being “promoted” by the government is surely cause for concern because it casts negative global perception for investors, both domestic and foreign.

The Oct 23 Bloomberg report by William Pesek that Malaysia is stuck with “side issues” while Indonesia is forging ahead is testimony of the continuous damage to our country’s reputation on all fronts.

The report said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is still not ready to scale back race-based programmes, which are affecting Malaysia’s competitiveness, say critics.

Pesek, noting an increasing interest in Malaysia in “side issues”, warned Najib against dragging his feet to open up and scale back race-based programmes.

“If their country (Malaysia) refuses to open up and become a true meritocracy, the kind of place where a figure like Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo could come to power through the ballot box, neighbours like Indonesia and the Philippines will steal away investment and industries,” Pesek said.

Najib’s administration’s blatant tolerance and support of bigots spewing and stirring sensitive and inflammatory statements to shake national unity is simply unbelievable.

In March, the federal government admitted to financially aiding right-wing NGO Perkasa, but clarified that it has not set aside a specific annual allocation.

In a written parliamentary reply to Sim Tze Tzin (Bayan Baru-PKR), Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said “a little allocation” was set aside to help the NGO to organise a seminar on unity.

And last June, National Entrepreneurs Corporation Bhd (PUNB) chairman Datuk Seri Ali Rustam, the former Malacca chief minister, said PUNB supports Perkasa.

So much for Najib’s 1Malaysia!

And on Oct 27, The Star online reported that Muslim groups in Malaysia have hit out at an international school in Negri Sembilan for promoting and organising Halloween activities that will take place on Oct 31, urging the (federal) government to pull the plug on the event.

However, brushing aside calls to abort the event, the international school has said it will go ahead with its Halloween celebration, a Chinese-language newspaper reported on Oct 26.

The Star quoted Ikatan Guru Muslim Malaysia (IGMM) deputy president Mohd Azizee Hassan as saying the celebration of Halloween is inappropriate as it clashes with Malaysian culture and traditions, according to a news portal.

Another news portal quoted Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman as saying that Halloween celebrations were intended to spread atheism.

Halloween, which is celebrated yearly on Oct 31, has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. It was believed that the deceased would return to life on this day and cause havoc to the world.

Last week, a dog-petting event at the Central Park in Bandar Utama, Selangor, to encourage Muslims to touch a dog – which is considered unclean in Islam – led to threats made to the participants.

Syed Azmi Alhabshi, the organiser of the event, had to apologise on Oct 25 for the “trouble and insensitivities” that the programme had caused.

Earlier this month, Muslims in Selangor tried to get the authorities to cancel the annual beer festival Oktoberfest held at the One Utama shopping centre in Petaling Jaya. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam.

To all bigots, I say go MYOB!

I eat and drink what I want. I celebrate in whatever way and manner I want as long as it is not illegal or a crime.

You have a religious problem, that’s your business. Not mine.

I have no problem eating and drinking what I want. I have no problem celebrating festivals and joining in the festivities of my fellow Malaysians of other beliefs and cultures. I don’t have a problem with that. If you do, I suggest you keep it to yourself.

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  1. Is Islam uner threat because young malays are disillusioned by the strict fatwa and overzealous enforcement that erode their desired lifestyle?

    Comment by larry — November 1, 2014 @ 10:42 AM | Reply

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