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November 7, 2014

New guidelines for Christian materials bound for East Malaysia, says Joseph Kurup

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JENNIFER GOMEZMinister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup said Putrajaya would come up new guidelines to ensure Christian materials bound for East Malaysia would not be confiscated. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, November 6, 2014.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup said Putrajaya would come up new guidelines to ensure Christian materials bound for East Malaysia would not be confiscatedPutrajaya will come up new standard operating procedures to ensure that Christian materials bound for East Malaysia will not be confiscated, said Tan Sri Joseph Kurup after returning seized Christian books and CDs to a pastor in Sabah today.

The minister in the prime minister’s department pledged that Putrajaya would come up with new guidelines to deal with similar cases in the future.

The items which were seized at klia2 two weeks ago were returned to their owner, Protestant Church of Sabah missionary Maklin Masiau, during a luncheon at the Magellan Sutera Resort in Kota Kinabalu today.

Masiau was returning to Kota Kinabalu from Medan, Indonesia, through klia2 when the items were confiscated.

An elated Masiau told The Malaysian Insider after the handover ceremony today that he was happy that everything worked out according to “God’s plan”.

He said Kurup’s political secretary, Vincent Wong, also told him today that there was already a draft SOP ready, which they would firm up after discussions with the relevant agencies involved.

This would take about two weeks to a month, Wong said.

“He mentioned that they would also get feedback from the churches in Sabah and Sarawak… I don’t know if the two-weeks-to-one-month timeframe includes feedback from the churches, but I’m glad that a solution is near,” Masiau said.

Masiau added that Kurup had also stressed at the press conference today that the SOP would be “a long-term and concrete solution”.

“During the luncheon, I told Tan Sri (Joseph Kurup) that he must also look into the plight of the thousands of East Malaysians working and living in peninsula, and he agreed.

“Tan Sri then said that the solution to that would be a bit more technical and hence, take a bit longer, but at least he agreed that it needs to be looked into.”

Masiau said that this episode had turned out positively for Borneo churches, calling it an “early Christmas gift” to Christians.

He also expressed gratitude that the seizure of his 500 books and 300 CDs, which was for use by the congregation of the Protestant Church of Sabah, was speedily resolved in just 12 days.

Kurup said last Friday that efforts were being made to ensure the Christian books and CDs were returned to Masiau.

“We will do our best to ensure the books and CDs are returned as we are totally committed to the 10-point solution.”

The 10-point solution drawn up before the Sarawak elections in 2011 provided for Bibles in all languages to be imported, including those in Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia which contained the word “Allah”.

It also allowed for the printing, importation and distribution of the Alkitab, the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible.



  1. Why don’t they come up with a procedure as to how we Christians should read our bibles, publications, notices, listen to Christian songs and sermons on CD’s, how we pray and so on. Why make life difficult when it can be very easy. Why do they like to add to their workload when they have myriads of other more important things to do to help the rakyat live a better life. Apalah dia orang Malaya ni…kita orang Sabah Sarawak mau sembah TUHAN ALLAH pun susah kena dia orang!

    Comment by brian — November 12, 2014 @ 10:54 AM | Reply

  2. The problem and the solution are the same and the root cause of the many problems that divide the nation deeply. The Minister and the government are still pandering and trying to appease those racist, bigots and radicals in Islam.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — November 7, 2014 @ 5:30 PM | Reply

  3. Good effort Kurup but it is an unnecessary procedure afterall, just ask christians to read any article in their own publication. What is wrong to read an article about god in a christian publication by a christian.The gods must be CRAZZZZY.

    Comment by The Mukah Watcher — November 7, 2014 @ 3:51 PM | Reply

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