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November 11, 2014

Adenan’s rural focus to head off DAP’s ‘Impian Sarawak’

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Hazlan Zakaria

Some say that his announcement on rural focus by the state BN is admission of neglect while others saw him playing to his strengths, but Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem may be moving to firefight the DAP’s rural push into his state.

There used to be a time that Sarawak BN shrugged off DAP’s foray into their “fixed deposit” and stronghold but now they are looking at Chinese majority urban seats in the peninsula-based party’s comfortable grasp.

And now the opposition party has been moving to try and hit at BN where it used to be unassailable and strong, the rural enclaves.

While this may be as hard going and perhaps even as impossible as some have said, it is not perhaps something that is totally beyond the realm of probability.

And as DAP has spread its tendrils in urban Sarawak, so it may be inching its way into the rural enclaves.

Thus perhaps Adenan’s rural focus is a direct response to this possible encroachment. Not any admission of neglect, not about playing to BN’s strengths, but about scrambling to guard their egg basket least what happened to the urban areas repeats itself.

Some may dismiss the DAP’s threat and label it a far cry from any avalanche, but maybe, just maybe, even the BN recognised the possible danger it may face against the socialist-capitalist hybrid party’s “Impian Sarawak” interior drive.

And DAP is not alone in this as various NGOs and initiatives have started out locally and even from across the straits, engaged in projects in the interior.

While the other initiatives are non-political, they will provide the same end result, enlightening the rural folks and giving them some second thoughts.

They are lighting up the dark rural homes and connecting them to clean water and building or repairing infrastructure to ensure they have proper bridges and roads.

In other words doing two things, first of all addressing the shortcomings of the BN-led government’s promised development which has brought nothing despite the billion ringgit allocations and giving the rural folk access to modern amenities.

Secondly, paving the way for Internet penetration and influx of other liberating ideas and opportunities.

A dangerous game for BN which had maintained a stranglehold in the rural enclaves mainly because the “kerajaan” is the only ones with the means to reach them and their occasional assistance and handouts a mainstay of their powerbase.

Given that this is happening, and DAP is also ramping up their forays into the interior, the chief minister’s pronouncement may indicate the ruling party’s anxiety over this development.

Adenan may be seen to be in a strong comfortable situation but one must remember that the state leadership had reeled from not only public pressure but also whispers from Putrajaya until they had to agree to removing the previous chief minister.

News from behind the political curtain hints at Adenan being nothing more than the front man for the state BN, that is still supposedly being run by the powerful figure who now sits in a somewhat ceremonial role.

But having to concede to that may signal a loss of face that may play up to the opposition’s propaganda war.

It may not yet be any avalanche or even little landslide for DAP but that is precisely perhaps what Adenan or the “white haired person” behind him is hoping to nip in the bud with this new strategy of theirs.

The war drums are beating in the distant rural interiors, as both sides are rallying their troops to pitch their tents and cement their influence.



  1. The PBB controlled state government of Sarawak has just passed a new land code to allow the greedy YBs to buy over NCR land at not more than RM500.00 per acre and sell to Peninsular plantation companies for RM3,500.00 to RM4,000 per acre and turn the projects into land banking, modelled after Country Height’s Growers Scheme.

    The Dayaks in the rural areas together with NCR owners and Pakatan Rakyat’s Lawmakers must be fully aware of what are the PBB controlled state government’s hidden motives and agenda over NCR land.

    Pelita will be robbed in as joint developers and planters together with cronies’ companies. The natives will be the real losers when BN’s YBs earned hundred of millions ringgit by reselling NCR land to plantation companies which they shall buy at below RM500.00 per acre.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — November 12, 2014 @ 5:36 PM | Reply

    • Ya really, what has got into the head of this guy? He is just about to give our forest away to his relatives in ta ann and taibs chinese cronies for 60 years which effectively is giving the lands to them for eternity. Why are our dayaks leaders so quite about this? Are they parts of this land grabs? These forest are our pulau galau, our pemakai menua and our ncr lands passed down by our forefathers and theirs before them and we are just about to loose all that to this guy and his cronies? This guy only know how to con us dayaks with his smiling face and his good looks by his own admission only. For him to refuse to recognise our claims to our forests shows alot about his liking for us dayaks…he actually loathe us and wish that we remained poor!

      Comment by brian — November 12, 2014 @ 8:14 PM | Reply

  2. PBB’s baby, DAP, now all grown up and directly challenging daddy. PBB should have thought of the unintended long-term consequences of their action when they brought DAP into Sarawak to check SUPP’s power. Ahh… hindsight… always 20/20.

    Comment by Hornbill Leashed and Gagged — November 12, 2014 @ 12:59 PM | Reply

  3. If they do not want a shift in support from bn to the opposition in the rural areas, then heed the pleas, the cries, the complaints, the wishes the wants, the don’t wants and scrap the land grabbing, land flooding, heck scrap the building of those damned dams which the rural populations are against. Why build damned dams for the sake of Japanese and other foreigners powers who can’t find cheap sources of power in their own country? Why ruin and flood vast areas of our country for their greed of economic power and wealth? Why take away and flood lands which belongs to the natives for the sake of foreigners looking for cheap labor and cheap power. The Japanese do not care about the natives or how bn treat the natives for their sake.

    Its good that bn is now beginning to open their contented eyes to the plight of the rural people. But why does it has to take the opposition to make them realize that the rural areas needs development as much as petra jaya does!

    Comment by brian — November 11, 2014 @ 10:34 AM | Reply

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