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November 11, 2014

Greed overtakes the space for God’s mercy

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J.D. Lovrenciear

Official statistics state five humans died in the mud flows. Street talk holds that at least 17 would have died.

The deputy prime minister has come with guns blazing stating that no one will be spared over the encroachment – which is the reason cited as the cause of the massive landslides in Cameron Highlands.

And immediately, the Immigration, police and local authorities made a dragnet and proudly announced that 181 illegal workers have been netted.

The rakyat gave Barisan Nasional 57 years of confidence votes – although that dwindled to a mere 47% recently. And what are we left with, today?

It takes a tragedy like this scale in Cameron Highlands for leaders to scramble to spin a yarn of “we care” messages of hope.

In the first place, did the rakyat not tell you leaders of their concerns all these years?

Did you not notice that our mountain rivers were increasingly turning into the colour of teh tarik.

You certainly would have noticed as you flew crisscrossing on your golfing breakaway breathers, unless, of course, if you want us to believe that the colour of rain is brown.

Mind you BN, Malaysia is one of the largest exporters of timber. Where did all that logs come from? Did they drop from the clouds above the nation?

We had RM25.1 billion remitted out of this nation by immigrant workers in 2013. And that does not include money fleeing from the official statistics of some three million illegal workers in the country.

If you add together all the “unofficial” statistics of foreign workers in the country, the honest figures could easily be nearly half of Malaysia’s 30 million population and as much money as earned by the country’s 12 million working citizens. No?

The catastrophe in Cameron Highlands is not going to be the only alarm bell.

The health minister announces that 25,000 cases of tuberculosis have been reported this year. And nearly half of those cases are foreigners. Mind you, this problem was a well-fought and conquered health hazard in the first decade of BN’s rule.

Other contagious and communicable diseases are also on the rise.

Wonder what is the real state of sexually transmitted diseases, given the widespread prostitution by foreign workers in the country. If you do not believe this, then the leaders should make it a point to go get a copy of the book “Kuala Lumpur Undercover” by Ewe Paik Leong.

Or must police reports be made in order for BN to swing into action?

And talking about “indiscriminate” development, was the tragic Highland Towers collapse not a good enough lesson for BN and Malaysians?

BN prides itself on being the best in the world – going by its much-touted proclamation as the longest serving political party in power. Now, are the leaders telling us that they will swing into action each time only after a tragedy strikes?

Where is the enforcement? Where is the proactive action? One shudders to think what is waiting to go wrong in Sabah and Sarawak, too.

Seriously, this nation has been overtaken by greed. There can be not much space left even for God’s mercy.

Please do not come out with that answer that no one should lump the blame on Malaysia, Malaysians and its leaders.

Worse, even to rebut with the counter argument that the United States and the developed West should not question based on the book “Money Logging” because they (the West) are the ones consuming all our timber!

We are a greedy people. Full stop. We do not care much for the millions of yet-to-be-born Malaysians.

Every cheating leader, every profiteering business tycoon, every stealing land owner – all have to take up that portion of sin of omission and transgression for our collective failures.

And BN as a five-decade-old political party in power has messed big time with the greed factor that is increasingly becoming a way of life here.

Did not Tun Daim Zainuddin himself, only recently, confirm this when he claimed that “business and politics are inseparable Siamese twins” as he attempted to shed light on how political parties fund their agendas?

The first step to redress is:

Let us then not blame God.

Let us not just spin the same record blaming foreign workers.

Let us stop this scapegoat mentality and instead grab the truth by the throat.

We are all responsible for this failure of denying any space for God’s mercy.

And the leaders of this nation must haul themselves before their inner conscience for allowing this nation to sink so low with self-interest and greed.

This then is the treason of the highest order to a young nation, its people and rulers – not questioning the government of the day or speaking up in campuses. Yes, not even religious and racial issues as are often made out to be by politicians and their gravy train cohorts.

When do we want to be the Norway or Finland of the East?

– See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/greed-overtakes-the-space-for-gods-mercy-j.d.-lovrenciear#sthash.EwIMx5um.dpuf

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