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November 11, 2014

The one man who can unite Malaysians

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Ulama_malaysia_300Iskandar Dzulkarnain

He is the most misunderstood public figure in the country.

It is unfortunate that one of Malaysia’s wisest and most inspired scholars has been so negatively portrayed in the media.

He looks like an uber cool celeb with his bald head, but when he dons a songkok, he takes on the looks of an aristocrat, a man of letters, a don, a religious scholar. Unlike so many of our so-called scholars who got their PhDs by plagiarising the works of others, his dissertion is completely and pristinely original.

As a lecturer at the National Defence University, it has been reported that he has such a novel way of imparting his vast knowledge to our future military officers that Malaysians can rest assured that our country will be safe from any attack as long as he is around to teach. Even the Jews will think twice before trying to invade.

As a writer, he is so full of insight and wit that even Shakespeare would be put to shame. Only a truly original mind could have come up with a phrase like “ultra kiasu”. Sinar Harian owes its fame and credibility entirely to his column.

And yet Ridhuan Tee is one of the most maligned and misunderstood personalities in our country.

Born a Chinese, he has, through sheer will, raised himself above that lowly, greedy, chauvinistic race of people to become a truer Malay than even the so-called ultra Malays like Mahathir Mohamad and Zainuddin Maidin. He is the ultra of ultras, and that’s a great thing for the Land of Wasatiyyah.

Don’t believe all the negative hype coming from people who are jealous of his good looks, his talents and his piety.

He is one of the great minds of the century, who dedicates his immense intelligence to finding ways to bridge the divide between the bribe-giving Chinese and the bribe-taking Malays and even those crazy people who celebrate Thaipusam.

He ignores all the bad press about him because he is concerned only with fighting the good fight. He does this for the sheer love of God, without any thought of a reward, whether in the form of money, Umno membership or a datukship.

He is a simple and humble man who has never craved the publicity he has inevitably earned. His parents must really be proud to have a son who has become a beacon of hope in a world torn by racial and religious strife. His abiding desire is to correct the social disharmony around him, and he does his utmost to cool down the ever rising temperatures by objectively reprimanding the minority.

Celebrating diversity

Ridhuan is a strong proponent of cultural and individual diversity. He encourages the celebration of diversity and a plural society by extolling the superiority of the Malays.

If the Malaysian minorities fail to appreciate or agree with his stand, they should cross the crooked bridge to go and live in the crooked island with the crooked Pakatan Rakyat supporters with their crooked ideology.

Because he comes across as a Muslim moderate, many Malays, including our esteemed, incorruptible leaders, accept him with open arms. Many see his pleasant personality as an embodiment of the beauty of Islam, although there are many jealous ones who are irritated by the holy aura that radiates from him.

Malaysians should shake their negativity and embrace him in good faith. We should accord him our highest respect, the kind we usually reserve for adorable leaders like Ibrahim Ali and Abdullah Zaik.

Although he is now a Malay, and has acquired all the gentle and subtle ways of that superior and hardworking race, he never stops lowering himself to reach out to the Chinese who, although they would not admit it, always wait impatiently for his column to appear so they can savour and digest his thoughts.

Many average Joes and Janes fail to comprehend the delicate and intricate workings of his vast intellectual mind. If we take the time to read between the lines of his well-intentioned message, we will find a gold mine of pure inspiration. If we cannot shake off our warped thinking and hypocritical attitude to learn from his wisdom, there must be worms in our heads.

We live in a civilised society where Islamic authenticity, ethical behaviour, tolerance and compassion are principles that are highly valued and espoused, thanks to the untiring efforts of Jakim, Jais, Mais and, above all, Ridhuan Tee and his unifying rhetoric. Jealous Chinese should stop envying him, but consider following in his footsteps.

When he uses his trademark “ultra kiasu”, he is gently telling the Chinamen who want to go to hell not to criticise others who have secured their ticket to heaven.

Those of us who are still anti-Ridhuan after reading this should beg for his forgiveness and sincerely repent. We should look out eagerly for his next blogbuster message.


  1. Let us appoint him as our PM (Puki-Mak)

    Comment by 12345678 — November 15, 2014 @ 5:54 AM | Reply

  2. Some people are desperate to make a name for themselves and Mr.Tee is the kind who can say and do terrible things just to achieve what he wants. Now he is famous but for the wrong reasons and good luck to him.We can all imagine how stressful a life he is having but you cannot have everything your way in life.

    Comment by Sarawakian1 — November 12, 2014 @ 6:44 PM | Reply

  3. Ha ha ha…botak tee abdul must be cursing the writer for this good piece of write up on him. I dont think he appreciate this because he knows that he is the exact opposite of whats writen here. He likes to be racist,wants to be more ketuanan then ib ali, demean other religions better then zaik and he is everything that is bad for racial and religious harmony in malaya. At least the writer gave him some credits for what he is not!

    Comment by brian — November 11, 2014 @ 7:07 PM | Reply

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