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November 14, 2014

Malaysia’s road to perdition

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THE MALAYSIAN INSIDERMalaysians should respect each other's faith and their rights to practise their religious beliefs. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, November 3, 2014.

There is no delicate way to put this: Malaysia is on a downward spiral, led down the dangerous path by overzealous religious authorities, misguided or plain stupid individuals and groups.

And perhaps more alarmingly, the government of the day is either allowing this implosion of a blessed country or has become a clueless bystander to the dismantling of multiracial and multi-religious Malaysia.

Not a day seems to go by without some new group seeking to change the complexion of Malaysia.

Not a day goes by without a reminder that stray words and ignorance are far more dangerous than sticks or stones.

Just another day in Malaysia:

Brouhaha over church site in Petaling Jaya

Thank you, Ishak Maarof and your appropriately named Sahabat NGO. Thank you for pointing out the obvious: that the majority of people in Selangor are Malays, that the sultan is Malay, the state police chief is Malay, etc.

Now let us point out something obvious: why are you and your motley crew – who are part of the overwhelming majority in Selangor and Malaysia – so insecure about the construction of a place of worship for a minority group?

The NGO is upset that Praise Emmanuel Assembly’s four-storey building:

– is too visible and can be seen from the highway and LRT.

Presumably, Ishak and friends are worried that those travelling to work will feel compelled to attend some prayer service when sighting the building and may then convert to Christianity. Ye of little faith, Ishak.

– was built speedily and seemingly with fewer obstacles than the construction of a surau or mosque. The land was set aside by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government in 2001 for a church and it is now 2014.

How does a 13-year interval qualify as fast?

In all probability, the church congregation had to raise funds and endure a tedious process of obtaining approvals before even a brick was purchased.

Ishak has other complaints but it all boils down to this: non-Muslims should build their places of worship in areas that are not Malay-majority. Pray tell, where exactly is this oasis in Malay-majority Selangor?

This NGO and others must be resisted because in their perverted way they are trying to usurp the Federal Constitution.

There is no more dangerous combination to peace and harmony than ignorance and a wayward tongue.

It is said that a community or a government or a country is known by how it treats its minorities. Do the likes of Ishak represent the community or majority that takes umbrage at what a minority does or seeks to guarantee their way of life?

Groups like Sahabat NGO are not really concerned about Muslims straying from their faith at the sight of a church as much as they want their version of what Malaysia should be take place.

It must be a country at their terms, where those of other faiths are sidelined and kept out of side. They want the rainbow that is Malaysia to be closer to just one colour, one race, one religion.

That is not Malaysia. The tapestry of many races, religions, cultures, beliefs and opinions is what makes Malaysia greater than the sum of its parts. Anything less makes us a poorer nation and take us down the road to perdition.


  1. To those UMNO lacquey: You know who you are…. After these many years of spoon feeding, you won’t feel ashamed that the lies of UMNO has got into your moral fabrics? A change in power is good, don’t you think? With the way things go in Malaysia, maybe one day you have to waive goodbye to your wife, kids or even your parents when they are on the way to become maids, kuli or even human slaves to our neighboring countries. Remember the cosmic power of the Universe: What goes around comes around, and the payback maybe hefty!

    Comment by Richie — November 17, 2014 @ 10:23 AM | Reply

  2. Young Malaysians must be brave to go for change:

    Comment by Stevie — November 15, 2014 @ 12:16 PM | Reply

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