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October 1, 2015

Sarawak is a land of empty promises by federal leaders

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As the state election draws nearer, many federal ministers will be coming to Sarawak to help the state BN in this campaigns. They will not come “empty handed” as they will be bringing along promises and pledges of projects.

What is of greater concern to Sarawakians is that some of the earlier projects promised before the last election in 2011 and the 2013 parliamentary polls are yet to be implemented.

The RM200 million Sri Aman hospital promised before the 2011 state election is one such project. The others are the multi-storied car park at the Sarawak General Hospital, the RM500 million Petrajaya hospital, across river in Kuching and the RM1 billion allocation to repair and build new schools in Sarawak. More than 600 schools throughout the state are in need of urgent repair.

And there is the pledge of revising the oil and gas royalty from the present 5 per cent; promises of better lives for mega dam settlers, and many more promises and pledges – in fact too many to be written here.

Yes, the federal leaders have been promising Sarawakians various development projects every time there is an election, and yet Sarawak voters, especially the rural folk, will never learn.

See Chee How

No wonder the voters have been reminded by Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How that they should be cautious and vigilant against the promises of development grants and projects by federal ministers and deputy ministers.

Making promises alone is not good enough and the federal ministers and deputy ministers should disclose the projects and grants, ensure the funds are delivered and the projects are completed before the coming state election.

“At the same time, the state ministers and deputy ministers are reminded that they have a duty to ensure that their federal colleagues listen to what Sarawak is asking for, including our rights to decide on the projects and to disburse the funds allocation.

“They certainly should not bring the federal ministers and deputy ministers around, showcase these federal leaders and keep quiet when they just make empty promises,” he told a press conference.

See, who is state PKR vice chairman, said he was sceptical that the promises would be fulfilled, especially those promised to rural villages and longhouses.

“I have to caution our folk and the state leaders because it is evident that the promises by the BN national leaders are usually exaggerated,” he said when referring to the promise by Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob that he would allocate 30 per cent or RM14.9 billion of the RM49.47 billion allocation for his ministry under the 11th Malaysia Plan to Sarawak.

He was doubtful about what the minister said because Chief Minister Adenan Satem had told the Sarawak State Assembly last month that Sarawak was allocated RM20 billion under the 11th Malaysia Plan to implement 915 projects.

Out of the said allocation, RM8.6 billion to RM10.5 billion are for the implementation of rural development projects.

Baru Bian

See said Ismail Sabri was clearly trying to fish for votes for the state election when making the announcement.

See’s colleague Baru Bian was very blunt on the same issue when he accused the federal government of “bluffing” the Sarawak voters, especially during elections, for making promises of the implementation of mega projects worth millions or even billions of ringgit in the state.

“This is to make Sarawak voters, their ‘fixed deposit’ happy, but the people never realised that all these are mere bluffing,” said Baru, Sarawak PKR chairman in a recent interview.

He was referring to a statement by a Sarawak minister who had given strong proof of BN’s rhetoric and broken promises on development projects that were to be implemented in Sarawak.

Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications Michael Manyin said that the money promised by Putrajaya never came and the projects could not be implemented.

“The federal government has no funds. They are only bluffing us Sarawakians, and we have been taken for a ride,” said Baru, who is also the Ba’Kelalan assemblyman.

What is worrying Sarawakians is that the “old” deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been replaced by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Sarawakians  want  to know what will happen to the construction of schools, hospitals, roads and the supply of  electricity and water and other pledges and promises made by the former deputy prime minister.

He also promised to adopt two Penan villages in the interior of Baram so that a special programme could be introduced to bring development, healthcare services and education to the Penan natives. Following Muhyiddin’s sacking the programme was stopped.

Do all these projects, like the adoption of two Penan village development programme, come to naught because Muhyiddin is no longer deputy prime minister?

Joseph Tawie



  1. No more another five years for Umno Baru controlled BN government in Sarawak . Allocating or announcing one third of the Federal budget for Sarawak and Sarawakians are not something new at all. as Sarawakians are already immuned to BN empty promises in every elections. Sarawakians are no longer gullible and naive. We must not be fooled yet again by BN to fish for votes in exchange for empty promises of development and progress.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — October 1, 2015 @ 11:42 PM | Reply

  2. Broken promises after broken promises and yet sarawakians can still be swayed to vote for bn time and again. Too much merry making and feel good activities organised by bn has brain washed the rural voters into robots who succumbs easily to bn feel good promises time and again for the last 50 years. The merry making and festivity moods they create during the campaiging period with truck loads of beers and packed chicken rice distributed during their campaign speeches makes the rural folks mellow and pliable that they forget their hardships and sorrowful lives. Bn plays on their emotions during these periods of intoxications and madness. Thats the sins of bn out the in the rural areas coupled with their intentional lying giving promises they do not intend to fulfill so long as they get the majority votes. So rural sarawak will remained their FD.

    Comment by brian — October 1, 2015 @ 10:36 PM | Reply

  3. Dream on, Sarawakians, dream on!

    If you continue to vote BN year-in year-out, for the last 50 years, you really cannot blame those who broke their promises.

    You like them!

    I can only advise you: keep voting for BN and dream on, it’s always nice to have a dream!!!

    Comment by Don't blame others — October 1, 2015 @ 5:01 PM | Reply

  4. Sarawakians at large must ask themselves this very important question. If development takes time to reach rural areas as according to the ministers and lawmakers from UMNO Baru controlled BN government in Sarawak and from Putrajaya, how was it possible for the previous two thief ministers and the ministers serving under them to become billionaires and multi millionaires? The Dayaks and Malays must not allowed these crooks in BN Sarawak to bullshit them for another five years. The thieves and crooks in BN had been bullshitting Sarawakians for more than 50 years. If we can’t replace BN government in Sarawak in the next state election we must at least deny them 2/3 majority as the first clear step to end UMNO Baru ‘s hegemony.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — October 1, 2015 @ 2:06 PM | Reply

    • Totally agreed.

      Comment by Sabri Yaman — October 2, 2015 @ 5:11 PM | Reply

  5. Se-tengah abah or half a century Sarawakians has been waiting for promises but promises still remaining promises. Come election sweets and candies are given to the rural voters to fish for votes while Malayan elites feast on fat juicy resources taken away by them. But what can we say if not of the Sarawak leaders themselves who sold their souls to Malayan leaders, Sarawak could have been a prosperous state. At this present moments rural school children are still wagging in muddy roads,crossing dangerous rivers, under nourished, study in dilapidated school facilities and yet federal leaders and state leaders seem not aware of the predicaments of these students.

    Comment by otakkosong — October 1, 2015 @ 1:06 PM | Reply

  6. Yet Sarawakians still want to provide fixed deposit for BN?

    Comment by Gangza — October 1, 2015 @ 10:52 AM | Reply

  7. Kita kat swak ni masih lena dibuai mimpi…promises dr federal hanya utk kita berangan2”sebabnya pemimpin kita hanya pentingkan jawatan dan nak berkuasa sehingga 100thn lagi,periuk nasi dia jedia defense..semua nya jd pemimpin Yessss Sir…!
    Hanya rykt dpt peralatkan utk kekal lama .Rakyat swak jgn undi bn jika nakkan perubahan kehidupan…
    Kita dah muak dgn cara pemimpin2 yg BABO mentadbir swak.berambusss

    Comment by BOMBO — October 1, 2015 @ 9:00 AM | Reply

    • Ubah landscape politik,
      Cash is King…
      Apa yg pakcik makcik kat kpg,dipendalaman dan rmh pjg..kita tegok nanti terdekat
      Pilihan raya DUN
      Kedatangan pencacai YB kelak hanya memancing,bwa beras sekampit.kain pelikat,bagi makan,nasi bungkus,pancing janji kosong.
      Byk la kenderaan SG yg disalah gunakan atas arahan konon nya…berambusss….

      Comment by BOMBO — October 1, 2015 @ 1:17 PM | Reply

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