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January 17, 2016

Adenan to push for return of Sarawak’s powers

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Adenan-Satem_najib_sarawak_600Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem will meet Prime Minister, Najib Razak, on Wednesday to settle matters on devolution of power to the state government.

Announcing this here today, Adenan said Sarawak wanted the federal government to return the administrative powers it had taken away from the state government.

“We want the power to return to Sarawak,” he said, adding, “it was important to development for the people of Sarawak specifically rural residents”.

Adenan would also raise the issue of higher oil royalty payment to the state from the present five per cent.

He expected discussions to be tedious but expressed confidence that the federal government would be agreeable to the state’s requests.

To date, he said, the federal government had agreed not to issue deep sea fishing licences in the waters off Sarawak without referring to the state government.

The federal government had also agreed that 90 per cent of teachers in the state would comprise Sarawakians within the next three years, aside from awarding yearly Petronas contracts worth RM2.1 billion to companies in Sarawak.

Adenan said he had implemented 50 items in the two years he had been Chief Minister including doing away with toll, reducing power tariffs and building the Pan Borneo Highway.

He said Sarawak had been left behind in many things in the last 50 years and he wanted to overcome that. His focus is to develop the rural area and close the income disparity between the urban and rural areas.

Ahead of the coming state elections, he urged voters to “give me five more years”.

He said: “If you give me a big mandate (at the 11th state election), I can stand up to Kuala Lumpur and tell them what we want.”

The people of Sarawak could then judge him in the next five years. “If I am no good you can kick me out. I don’t intend to stay too long as I’ll be too old for the job,” he said, adding he was confident that the people of Sarawak knew what they had to do at the state election.




  1. Demand demand and demand for compliance of the 18 points agreement . No stupid negotiations to fool Sarawakians into supporting Adenan Satem for another five year term. Sarawakians must reject Umno Baru controlled BN, Najib and Adenan. Negotiations are as good as Adenan Satem begging Najib and Putrajaya on behalf of Sarawakians. Sarawakians have had enough of these bullshits and colonization by Umno Baru .

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — January 17, 2016 @ 8:53 AM | Reply

    • Maybe you are the ‘ One and Only Awaken Dayak ‘. If we can awaken the rest of other Dayak compatriots, we will implement the 18 points agreement without even the need to ‘ stupid ‘ negotiation. The big problem is how to awaken our compatriots when they are in half awaken state or in slumber mode by the endless bribing of crispy ringgit,promises of unfulfilled development,water tanks and tar sealed pavements.

      Comment by otakkosong — January 17, 2016 @ 2:25 PM | Reply

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