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August 9, 2016

Never-ending tale of two Ahmads and Umno

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Ever since he was ‘ousted’, former Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said has been trying to get back at his successor – with hints of him quitting the party and attempts to move a motion of no confidence against present MB.

Many would say that Ahmad Said is merely rattling the throne of MB Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman, to show that he still has support even though he is no more MB.

Ahmad Said may be a loose cannon to some, but one has to give credit to him for having laid a strong foundation in his time. Ahmad Said still has supporters from within Umno Terengganu and it does not help that the Razif does not really have good relations with the Terengganu palace.

PKR Bandar State Assemblyman Azan Ismail says that it is proven Ahmad Said is unshakable.

“Razif no longer has good relations with the Sultan and the fact that his request was shot down by the Umno Supreme Council to take disciplinary action against Ahmad Said also shows Razif has lost his support from the supreme council.

“The current Umno assemblymen were all previously appointed by Ahmad Said when he was Menteri Besar and they are still loyal towards Ahmad Said although they may not be showing it.

“This is why I say, Ahmad Said is untouchable and Razif knows it,” says Azan.

The Bandar Assemblyman adds that there will not be any snap polls although there have been much talks about it as Umno-BN knows that Umno Terengganu is in bad shape.

“There is a split in Umno Terengganu between followers of Razif and Ahmad Said. To have snap polls will only land Umno in a worse shape.

“There are Umno Assemblymen who know that they will not have a place in the next general election and that is why they are finding other ways to survive in their political career,” says Azan.

He however adds that PAS, who holds 14 seats in the State Assembly does not look as though they have a plan to take on Umno, but if they want to, they can.

“For me, I am not interested in the political welfare of the state as there are other more important issues that the State Assembly needs to solve.

“The State Assembly needs to look beyond just trying to survive politically instead of keeping the State intact.

“Up until now we have no supplementary budget for the State and that is a big problem. The State is in dire need of one otherwise they will not be able to solve salary problems.

“Todays’ sitting is not a usual sitting that should take place in any a State’s mid-term sitting as no motion for supplementary budget was moved when one usually takes place.

“This is also a sign that the State Government is fumbling when it decides to defend its political survival rather than attend to State issues,” he adds.

Azan reminds that Umno is losing its focus as a State Government that is fighting for its people when they have repeatedly tried to move a motion to approve the Malay Reserve Land to be transferred to support government projects.

“They are supposed to protect the rights of the Malay people but it seems as though they are opening the flood gates,” he says.

Azan also says that Razif knows he does not have much support anymore within the State Government and must act immediately if he wants to keep a good rapport.

“He knows and he needs to look beyond surviving as a politician and at least do something good for the people, something that could benefit the State, should he not survive his position as Menteri Besar for another term.

“What is happening now in Terengganu with Razif is worse than what happened with Idris Jusoh back then. Razif needs to come to terms with that and salvage as much as he can to keep a good reputation.

“He should know by now that Ahmad Said’s main aim is not him,” says Azan.

Soo Wern Jun


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