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August 9, 2016

The Almighty and Malaysia’s fate

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“I pray each day for the Almighty’s salvation for my country, Malaysia”
– Former Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz

“Besides, he [Tan Sri Muhyiddin] is starting this party to take revenge against Umno… Allah won’t support this.”
– Umno Permanent Chairman Tan Sri Badruddin Amiruldin

Reacting to the latest piece of draconian legislation, the National Security Council (NSC) Act which provides wide-sweeping and arbitrary powers to the prime minister, the country’s Iron Lady, former federal minister, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, has come out with a poignant and pointed critique of the state of the nation as it is conditioned by the present Prime Minister.

According to her latest Facebook post:
“It shows how bad things have become…when we can no longer govern ourselves…but need all kinds of ‘laws’ to be enacted…and fences to corral us…like cattle.”

“We now have given new and distorted meanings to the concept of things such as loyalty, support, and governance.”

“We see the young feeling disappointed. And those of my era seeing what had been painstakingly built…being chiselled away and demolished.”

According to her, what has been built by her generation of leaders has now been eroded and destroyed with the nation now entering into the global list of the bad and ugly. This whitewashing of her ‘Mahathirian’ past and demonizing of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak regime is clearly self-serving but many Malaysians appear willing to give it a pass, such is the depth of the present antipathy to the current leadership.

Rafidah’s impassioned plea echoes very much what the opposition, and now, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, have been saying. But she has also been careful to point out – for reasons everyone is fully aware of – that she is not involved in any plot or conspiracy to discredit or topple the Prime Minister.

What’s God got to do with it?

Rafidah must know too that she is not alone. Rival invocations for the Almighty’s intervention and wrath against those opposing the Prime Minister and his leadership, and Allah’s blessings for those in power are taking place regularly in the mosques as well as Umno assemblies, and these are amplified by the Malay mass media.

When it comes to praying for change, she is outnumbered by those leading the prayers for the preservation of the status quo and decimation of the opposition.

It is futile for her and those of similar ilk to think that their prayers which place the country’s fate in God’s hands are in any way superior or can be more readily answered compared with those voiced by Badruddin Amiruldin, Datuk Jamil Khir, Datuk Paul Low, Zakir Naik and the other assorted ‘religious’ devouts perched aloft the Barisan bandwagon.

Unfortunately too, history is replete with examples of dictators, tyrants and autocrats who have remained long in power, despite unending calls for divine intervention by the populace.

God, it appears, favours the prayers of the strong and powerful rather than the meek and oppressed. Or perhaps God has a peculiar sense of humour and prefers to stand on the side line when it comes to the bad and evil found in the world of his creation.

Change is in your own hands, Rafidah

When positive or negative change takes place in history, it is not due to the hidden hand of God working in mysterious ways but rather because of the actions of mortals, individually and collectively.

Besides praying, this is what Rafidah, former Umno Wanita leader, may want to do to ensure a better future for our younger generation:

1. A personal message of appeal to Umno Wanita leaders and members reminding of the importance of woman power in societal reform and urging them to take the lead where Malay men have failed.

2. Organizing a joint appeal with past BN leaders calling on the Prime Minister to do the honourable thing and resign. There is always safety in numbers and the fact that she is held in high esteem by her Barisan Nasional colleagues makes her eminently qualified to lead the charge against Prime Minister Najib from within.

There is still time – despite our rapid slide into the ranks of failed states – to undo the mess in the country.

Lost money may have gone down the drain but it is replaceable.

Lost national sense of integrity, decency and self respect are much harder to replace; and prayers will not help regain these which are lost.

Lim Teck Ghee




    Pedra Branca/Batu Puteh decision suggests Malaysia has surrendered right to Luconia-removing own flag from Luconia Shoals in stark contrast with past practise


    These submissions by the Government Of Singapore to the International Court Of Justice in the Pedra Branca/Batu Puteh matter were part of Singapore’s ultimately successful defence against Malaysia’s claim:

    6.53 It should be noted that Malaysia has demonstrated her awareness of the significance of flying national emblems over territory for purposes of evidencing sovereignty. Malaysia demanded (and obtained) the lowering of the Singapore Ensign flown until 3 September 1968 over another lighthouse facility maintained by Singapore at Pulau Pisang, a territory over which Singapore does not exercise or claim sovereignty.

    7.11 In the present case, neither Johor nor Malaysia ever protested against the regular flying of the British and Singapore emblems over Pedra Branca, even though this was done as a clear display of State authority and without seeking consent from Malaysia or Johor, and Malaysian officials were fully aware of this.

    7.12 Moreover, Malaysia’s long silence regarding this clear and public manifestation of Singapore’s sovereignty over Pedra Branca since 1847 is in sharp contrast to Malaysia’s response to the flying of the Singapore marine ensign on the lighthouse administered by Singapore at Pulau Pisang, an island which belongs to Malaysia. In 1968, Malaysia objected to the flying of the Singapore flag over Pulau Pisang Lighthouse320. Following Malaysia’s objection, Singapore ceased flying her flag on the Lighthouse. In contrast, at no time had Malaysia ever protested against Singapore’s flying of her flag over Pedra Branca.

    7.13 If Malaysia had any belief that she had a claim to sovereignty over Pedra Branca, one would have expected Malaysia to have exercised or attempted to exercise her sovereign authority over the island in the same way that she had done with respect to Pulau Pisang, if only to put on record that, notwithstanding Singapore’s presence on Pedra Branca, Malaysia had sovereign authority over the island. This omission on Malaysia’s part is especially significant as it occurred shortly after Singapore left the Federation of Malaysia in August 1965, when the governments of both countries treated each other with the utmost caution on bilateral issues.

    7.14 Singapore contends that, given these facts, Malaysia had consciously (and correctly) decided that, in contrast with Pulau Pisang, any protest was not appropriate with respect to the flying of the Singapore flag on Pedra Branca.


    Kerfuffle in KL

    Given that these arguments led to the decision against Malaysia, one would expect that the Government Of Malaysia would exercise and strenuously defend its right to fly the flag on all its possessions, but this was obviously not the case with Luconia Shoals. It is hard to see that by removing its own flag, Malaysia has not surrendered its right to the Shoals.

    In fact, it does seem as if China has already assumed control of the shoals:

    (Hans Berekoven, an Australian marine archaeologist) chose Malaysia’s independence day, August 31 last year, to protest against the situation by raising the Malaysian flag on the tiny island.

    It is the first time the video of the incident has been released.

    “I took the curator of the museum that we’re working with, and a couple of other Malaysian friends, and a journalist from the Borneo Post,” he said.

    They mounted a stainless steel flagpole into a cement footing and raised the Malaysian flag, as the China Coast Guard vessel watched from about 500m offshore.

    “They must have got on the blower to Beijing and Beijing must have got on the blower to Kuala Lumpur, because suddenly there was a big kerfuffle in KL,” Mr Berekoven said.

    The next morning, a Malaysian aircraft flew low over Mr Berekoven’s boat and the island.

    “A Malaysian coast guard vessel was despatched. Went out there and unbolted the flag,” he said.

    “It’s absolutely absurd. It’s 88 miles, well within the 200 mile economic exclusion zone, and they’ve forced the Malaysians to take the flag down – their flag, asserting their authority, their sovereignty.”


    Comment by Alfred — August 10, 2016 @ 2:01 PM | Reply

  2. Praying alone cannot solve problems.

    Comment by Basri — August 10, 2016 @ 11:08 AM | Reply

    • LOL….you make my day…remember that Short AssHole who kena sue by YB LGE, he said he “consulted” his god, then apology…lol, sounds similar to that bomoh Lanpar,using banboo,coconuts,to look out for MH37O, still living in stone age era.

      Comment by tiuniamah — August 10, 2016 @ 4:22 PM | Reply

    • How about black magic ala RM ?

      Comment by tiger yk — August 10, 2016 @ 8:01 PM | Reply

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