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August 11, 2016

PKR launches portal to aid students’ university applications

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sim-tze-tzin_student_600PKR has set up a website to help students get into universities in the face of budget cuts for public universities.

The Higher Education Advisory Portal (HEAP) is open to all students who have passed their pre-university examinations and who wish to file their grouses with PKR.

“After we’ve received the complaints from students, we will collect the data for analysis,” Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin said at a press conference at the PKR headquarters here today.

Sim said that the closing date for students to file their complaints to PKR is August 22.

He also reminded students that it is still compulsory for them to plead their cases to public universities (UPU) before August 22 via the UPU website.

“Appealing their case to our website is only an extra step that they can take to plead their case.”

Sim said that two years ago, after the previous budget cut for public universities, PKR had managed to help about 200 students out of the 800 who sought their help.

In Budget 2016, the government had cut more than 16 per cent from the previous budget allocation for public universities, which saw a decrease of RM1.44 billion compared with the previous year.

“The latest budget cut was due to the backward economic management and the Prime Minister’s (Najib Razak) failure to contain the country’s debts as well as the country being stricken by various scandals, such as 1MDB.

“The truth is that many public universities are experiencing a budget crisis where they are forced to cut various facilities and increase the rate of their fees.

“Recently, Universiti Utara Malaysia announced that they had invested in the hotel industry to generate funds to pay for the university’s expenses. This is not what universities are supposed to be doing.”

Those interested in pleading their cases with PKR can do so by filling a form at the HEAP website.

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