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August 13, 2016

Najib: Umno not ‘one man show’ or dictatorship

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Umno is not a one-man show or a dictatorship, party president Najib Razak said today, calling for loyalty from members so that he could hand over a strong party to his successor when he eventually leaves.

Taking a jab at his harshest critic, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he said he could “easily be prime minister for more than 22 years” if he had retained an old Umno rule requiring challengers to the president to first obtain 56 nominations from divisions before they could qualify.

His remark was a reference to a rule instituted during the tenure of Dr Mahathir which critics had said made it impossible for the Umno president to be challenged at party elections. Dr Mahathir was Umno president and prime minister from 1981-2003.

Speaking at the opening of Tangga Batu Umno division’s assembly in Bandar Hilir, Malacca, today, he turned to history and asked members to remember the actions of the Bendara Tun Perak at the time of the Portuguese invasion of 1411.

“Because he believed in the agitation, he had provided information to the Portuguese to destroy Malacca. This is the lesson from our history,” Najib said.

Umno members must protect national sovereignty against foreign interests, “that is our right, our national leadership will decide and not other people”, he said in another oblique reference to Dr Mahatir.

The Federal Government has accused supporters of Dr Mahathir of providing information to foreign countries regarding the affairs of 1Malaysia Development Berhad in order to bring down the Najib government.

He reminded members of his great respect for the late Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba, a former Malacca chief minister and later deputy prime minister under Dr Mahathir for his loyalty to the party.

“For him, position was not important but what was important was the party’s struggle because if the party was safe, everyone would be safe,” Najib said, according to Bernama.

“One day, I will hand over (Umno) to my successor, at that time, if you want to come to me or otherwise, it is immaterial. But I will not betray Umno. We want to hand over a strong party,” he said.

He said that as a responsible leader, all decisions for Umno and more importantly, for the nation, would be made collectively or by consensus or ‘syura’.

Najib said that as a leader chosen via a very democratic system in Umno, he did not practice a ‘one man show’ or even worse, dictatorship.

There were people who said he was stupid for having amended the party constitution to allow 160,000 Umno members to elect their president, but this had to be done to strengthen the party’s struggle for the sake of the nation.

“I want to be a president who is elected by the members, previously there must be 56 nominations for a contest. Getting one (nomination) was difficult, 56 (nominations) would be impossible. If I had retained the constitution, I could easily be PM (Prime Minister) for more than 22 years,” he said.

He said that “no matter what slanderous accusations are hurled at us, for as long as Umno members and the people are with me, I will continue to struggle because we have a mission,” he said, Bernama reported.

He urged everyone to learn from the history of Malacca which had collapsed because of foreign intervention.

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  1. Najeeb, you are the classic example of a hypocritical dictator having the same DNAs like Suharto of Indonesia and Marcos of The Philippines. It is beyond any doubt that the whole BN administration is fully under your country. That’s why you can rob the country by the $billions, order the killings of several individuals and promote bigotry openly with impunity. Like those two evil dictators, you think you own the country as if it is your personal asset. Don’t forget, you will end up the same fate like those two failed dictators!!!!Don’t forget, ig Makathir was caught by the foreign countries of plundering Malaysia by the $billions, would he have stayed in power for 22 years???Shame on you!!!

    Comment by Geronimo Miller — August 21, 2016 @ 10:19 AM | Reply

  2. The Malays in Malaysia do not owe any Umno Baru leaders including its president a living. All the crooks and thieves in Umno Baru owe the Malays in particular and Malaysians in general for the position of power they occupy today. The new MACC chief must start freezing, seizing and forfeiting all ill gotten wealth and assets of all these crooked politicians and lawmakers from Umno Baru controlled BN government including the former thief minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud.

    Comment by Sabri Yaman — August 14, 2016 @ 6:44 PM | Reply

    • 100% setuju.

      Comment by Mat Som — August 14, 2016 @ 7:06 PM | Reply


    Malaysia, under Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration, has entered a new phase of “pariahness”not seen since Independence in 1957. Najib should be congratulated for bringing the country to a new level of “colonisation” through blackmail and corruption. The country is like a piece of tender and juicy wagyu-kobe beef being gobbled up by China and U.S.

    China has tons of money but not international recognition. United States has the biggest debt in the world but possesses world recognition as a superpower. Malaysia has neither money nor world recognition. Thanks to Najib and his family’s lavish spending, Malaysia is going deeper into a black hole of massive debt.

    Village folks may not be smart enough to see it but in reality, Najib Razak is the biggest traitor to his own race – the ethnic-Malay. Because of political correctness, he allows and encourages UMNO, his Malay-based political party, to whack and insult non-Malay especially the ethnic-Chinese. In reality, however, Najib loves the Chinese.

    Jho Low, a Malaysian Chinese, was entrusted in not only running 1MDB to the ground but also protected like an endangered species even after a pro-government Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has established US$700 million of 1MDB’s fund were transferred to Good Star Limited, a company owned by Jho Low – without any approval from the 1MDB board.

    1MDB was literally thrown under the bus after tens of billions of ringgit were sucked up and laundered throughout the 7 continents of the world. To bailout 1MDB, Najib sold off everything, from power assets to valuable Bandar Malaysia prime land – to China. But selling national treasures, of which most were perceived to be belonging to ethnic-Malay, is not the worse part.

    The worse part is becoming a stooge of America, without getting a single penny. It was like a prostitute putting a welcome banner and stripped naked for the “Yankee” to screw – without paying. At least by selling assets and precious land to the Chinese, Najib gets billions of ringgit to clear his 1MDB debt, which has ballooned to more than RM50 billion.

    But in the case of U.S.-DOJ civil lawsuits against Jho Low and his stepson’s (Riza Aziz) assets allegedly purchased with stolen money from 1MDB fund, PM Najib is essentially making himself a puppetof the United States. Guess UMNO cannot bitch about U.S. being Israel’s puppet anymore because to do so would mean Malaysia indirectly is Israel’s puppet.

    Not only Najib Razak willingly becomes America’s puppet for F.O.C., his government is putting the country’s sovereignty on a gambling table. Thanks to 1MDB money laundering, United States now owns Malaysia as a pawn in a conflict with China over South China Sea territory disputes. That’s another way to say Malaysia is under the U.S.’ thumb.

    The UMNO-Malays thought they were the smartest people on planet Earth in the game of politics. After all, they eat, breathe and sleep politics. That’s the problem with “Village Champion” mentality. Because they rule over the ethnic-Chinese, ethnic-Indian and other non-Muslim groups using race and religion cards, they thought they were super powerful and invincible.

    As the Chinese saying goes, the UMNO-Malays haven’t seen a snake pees. And America is no small snake but a giant Anacondo which could easily flood Najib and Rosmah’s bedchamber when it starts peeing. Former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam was right when he said PM Najib Razak can be booted in three ways.

    The first and second ways – through UMNO and general election – are wishful thinking because of corruption and gerrymandering. The third way – throughforeign intervention – is the only way to get rid of Najib. But America isn’t interested to get rid of pink-lips Najib. They want to control Najib so that the corrupt prime minister can run America’s errands.

    That’s why Najib’s No.1 bootlicker – Minister Salleh Said Keruak – suddenly made a U-turn and dismissed his “usual” claims of an international conspiracy against Malaysia. That’s also why not a single UMNO warlord dared lending support to junior Khairul Azwan Harun when he made a police report against so-called conspirators Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Abdul Gani Patail and Abu Kassim Mohamed.

    Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron recently claimed that the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) civil complaint on the case involving 1MDB is part of a political ploy to topple a democratically-elected prime minister (Najib Razak). Instead of gaining support, surprisingly, Mr. Idris was whacked left, right and centre – by his own UMNO comrades.

    Idris, who is also an UMNO Supreme Council member, has suggested that the U.S. government’s motives (of seizing more than US$1 billion in assets, including luxury real estate and a jet allegedly bought with money pilfered from 1MDB) were similar to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Poor Idris, he was just trying to do some bootlicking and see what that had gotten him.

    Heck, even Najib’s No.2 bootlicker – Federal Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob – is accusing fellow Idris Haron of having “brain damage”, the same way Donald Trump has accused Hillary Clinton of being short-circuited. Suddenly foreigner United States is being worshipped like a God but UMNO loyal comrades are being trashed like rubbish by UMNO themselves?

    Weren’t PM Najib Razak and his ministers the one who claimed innocent and screamed until foam at the mouth that it was foreign conspiracy to topple a democratically-elected prime minister when Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal exposed the same 1MDB scandal once upon a time? Therefore, Chief Minister Idris was right, no?

    It appears that PM Najib and his UMNO ministers can now happily accept U.S.-DOJ’s allegations, but not Sarawak Report or the WSJ, never mind the contents of the 1MDB money laundering accusation are the same. Now, do you understand why the DOJ deliberatelymade reference to “Malaysian Official 1” a staggering 32 times in the lawsuits, when they can ignore them?

    Brilliantly, the Government of the United States was reminding naughty Najib Razak that they knew what he had done with the 1MDB fund. Most importantly, whenever the U.S. tells Najib government to jump, the son of Razakcan only ask “how high”. The fate of Najib’s balls is in the hand of the U.S., and the “Yankees” are known to fancy squeezing grapes to dry.


    Comment by Basri — August 14, 2016 @ 11:49 AM | Reply

    • A brilliant post.

      Comment by Cheok Leong Chuan — August 21, 2016 @ 10:50 AM | Reply

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