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August 14, 2016

The doc is prescribing the wrong meds

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The first three Prime Ministers of Malaysia were all law graduates, the fourth a doctor, the fifth hails from a religious background and the present one an economist.

The fourth, a doctor, is currently on a campaign to what he calls, “save Malaysia”. He wants to save the patients from their sicknesses.

The doctor has now submitted registrations for a new party called Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, which in literal English translation means ‘united natives’ party.

“United natives” to save the country from the “united Malays”?

The doctor and his ‘nurses’ must be oxymorons somewhere in between, but they are prescribing the wrong medication to treat the patients’ sicknesses.

With Umno plagued with racism and bigotry, the last thing the doctor should do is fight racism and bigotry with racism and bigotry.

They claim, this is a must because the rural folks would not buy the multiracial antidote, hence they must sell the native medicine.

This is like prescribing papaya leaves to cure fractured bones.

Surely, if it is what has been prescribed as such all their lives, patients will continue believing papaya leaves is indeed the cure to fractured bones, until they happen to find out from another clinic that this is a lie.

Similarly now, if the “united natives” tell the Malays it is okay to continue having native supremacy, it will only result in the village folks continuing to believe so.

They also say, what makes them different this time, is that they are selling ‘daun betik’ instead of papaya leaves.

The reality is, whether it is daun betik or “mu gua ye”, it is still papaya leaves, and Papaya leaves do not cure fractured bones no matter what the taste or colour turns out to be.

In the present context, the doctor’s party is saying, this time, it is different because the party is open to non-natives and they will have equal rights as the native members.

The non-natives however, cannot vote or run for top leadership. They can only be appointed to top leadership posts.

This is akin to telling the Chinese and Indians they are like the natives, can drive cars in Malaysia, but they cannot own cars unless a few selected natives who sell cars decided to gift the Chinese and Indians new cars. Basically, the doctor is telling the Chinese and Indians they are citizens, but second class ones.

The doctor’s nurses argue that this is a needed strategy to break Umno from within. Surely that makes sense, because the crux of Umno’s support come from the rural Malay areas, and PKR, DAP Amanah presently still find it hard to woo support.

On one hand the doctor might succeed in chalking off Umno votes, but on the other antagonise middle ground voters who voted DAP and PKR as a sign of protest against Umno’s racism and bigotry.

In this zero sum game, Pakatan Harapan will end up the biggest losers if the doctor fails to bring in significantly more number of patients than the ones leaving Pakatan Harapan.

How many took to the streets when the doctor resigned from Umno last year? How many went in solidarity to support the ‘nurse’ at the Registrar of Societies building yesterday? How many patients have quit Umno?

Unless the doctor today has his former deputy Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s influence back in 1998, he should stop selling the racial card.

In 1999, the “united Malays” for the first time lost half of its traditional Malay votes following Anwar’s removal as Deputy Prime Minister and the black eye incident. Anwar basically broke his former party into half.

If it were not for the Chinese and Indians who were scared by the doctor’s constant demonizing of Pas and the controversial denial of new young voters, BN would probably have been the opposition back then.

The doctor and his team of ‘nurses’ are desperate for survival today, hence they are more keen to compete on price, taste and packaging of the papaya leaves, rather than curing the patients.

The doctor and his nurses must immediately start prescribing the right medicine.

Start prescribing operation and rehabilitation procedures. Perhaps a cast after the operation, followed by regular routine check ups and physiotherapy. It will be painful, expensive, cumbersome and time consuming, but that is the only way the patients can fully recover.

Adrian Lim Chee En


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