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August 19, 2016

IGP says in talks with AGC over 1MDB probe results

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Khalid said that the police are briefing the Attorney-General’s Chambers on their findings, to determine how the case will proceed. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa Police have completed the first phase of their investigation into 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), Inspector-General Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said today.

He added that they are also briefing the Attorney-General’s Chambers on their findings, to determine how the case will proceed.

“So, we will get further instructions from the Attorney-General,” he told reporters today.

“I expect within one or two weeks. The investigation paper is very thick, there is much to go through; there are many documents, so it will take a bit of time.”

Asked about investigations abroad relating to 1MDB, Khalid said the scope of the Malaysian police’s investigation is only on the recommendations from Parliament’s bipartisan Public Accounts Committee’s 1MDB probe, as this would allow for a more focused probe.

“Our investigation is on the five recommendations by the PAC only. So we don’t want to be dragged out beyond what has been instructed to us,” he said.

He added that the Cabinet had instructed the police to conduct their probe based on the five recommendations.



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    The legitimacy of the Federal Government under Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Rule of Law at stake.

    MOSCOW – A Moscow and Geneva based Investment Banker, who formerly called Malaysia home, thinks that it’s high time the Attorney General (AG) of Malaysia, Mohd Apandi Ali, complied with his Role as spelt out in the Federal Constitution. “He has to bring to an end the rhetoric and polemics on 1MDB.”

    There must be closure on the mega global financial scandal raging in that country and gripping the world, added Swiss-born Investment Banker Pascal Najadi. “The AG must look at the 1MDB-linked money trail picked up by so many investigative agencies in the world and declare his stand.”

    It was not the intention of the framers of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia to allow the AG to decide, unfettered, whether the guilty should be allowed to act with impunity,” he said. “The AG seems to have done just that.”

    The AG decided there was no wrongdoing on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s part on the 1MDB Scandal, he lamented.

    Najadi warned the AG’s decision to let Najib go scot-free was a violation of the Rule of Law on which the Federal Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, is based. “If law is not enforced, the people of Malaysia have lost their sovereignty to a handful of people in power.”

    It’s a fact that Najib did not return the RM42 million that entered his personal accounts, at AmBank Islamic Private Banking Services, from SRC International, a company under the Ministry of Finance, continued Najadi.

    “It seems the RM42 million was a bribe for Najib to instruct KWAP, the Retirement Fund, to lend RM4 billion to SRC.”


    Najadi hastened to assure that he does not want to repeat known facts and flog the AG with them.

    However, he would like to draw attention to the fact the AG saw no further than the “Arab donor” who gave USD681 million to Najib just before the May General Election in 2013. “The US Department of Justice (DoJ), based on its filing in a California Court, traced the USD681 million, from the so-called Arab donor, back to 1MDB as the source of the money.”

    The AG’s credibility and competence were at stake, argued the Swiss Investment Banker. “He has to explain why he left Najib off the hook given what the DoJ filing now shows.”

    The AG has to explain why he refused to look at the money trail leading from 1MDB to the Arab donor as the DoJ did, said Najadi.

    The Arab’s money had to come from somewhere, stressed the Investment Banker. “However, what Najib said about the so-called donation was taken by the AG as the Gospel Truth.”

    He cited two other anamolies created by the AG.

    For one, the AG also took as the Gospel Truth,.Najib’s claim that he returned USD620 million of the USD681 million to the Arab.

    For another, Najib “thought” the RM42 million was part of the USD681 million and didn’t hesitate twice in spending the smaller amount. “He spent RM3 million settling two credit card bills alone.”


    The catch, said Najadi who reads everything on the 1MDB Scandal, is that the RM42 million came in after the USD620 was “returned”. “The Malaysian Prime Minister is insulting the intelligence of the people by making all sorts of claims on the 1MDB Scandal.”

    Elsewhere, said Najadi, the DoJ filing shows that USD20 million and a further USD30 million traceable to 1MDB, were transferred to the same personal bank account owned by Najib, dubbed “Malaysian Official 1”, in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

    The transfers, cried Najadi, were “missed” by investigators in Malaysia. “Wither Rule of Law!”

    The bottomline, he said, is that the current government in Malaysia, helmed by Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) lacks legitimacy. “This is the coalition that has ruled the country, uninterrupted, for the last nearly 60 years.”

    Pascal Najadi is the son of Hussain Najadi, an Iranian with a Bahraini passport, who founded ArabMalaysian Development Bank in Kuala Lumpur, todays 5th largest bank in Malaysia.

    Prominent banker Hussain Najadi was assassinated outside a temple in Kuala Lumpur on July 29th 2013.

    Pascal believes his father, whose assassination was “never investigated for motive”, came to an untimely end after he alerted the country’s central bank on unusually large sums of money entering AmBank Islamic Private Banking Services. “My father had reasons to believe the illicit monies were from 1MDB. Malaysia now is a dangerous country by all aspects and she has proven to the world not being fit as a reliable partner for justice, peace and democracy. The Malaysian Dream has been terminally shattered by 1MDB and its related massive crimes.”

    Media statement from Najadi & Partners

    Comment by Basri — August 20, 2016 @ 12:37 PM | Reply

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