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August 22, 2016

Bersatu — united, but not equal

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I’m sure by now we have all made up our minds on whether the latest political party will be good or bad. But for those still having doubts, it is bad. It is not just bad, but it is going through yet another historical roundabout that will lead to no final solution of Malaysia’s main problem.

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia or Bersatu starts off by saying that it will be a Malay/bumiputera party with “associate” members of other races. Let’s start with the obvious flaw. Does this mean that no non-bumiputera member can vote for leader or become a vice-president for the party?

To me, it seems rather ironic to launch yet another party focusing on the Malays, especially when you form a party which is exactly the one you are trying to topple — Umno and the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition. It is a mirror image of one another.

Malay dominated? Check.

Have non-bumiputera members? Check.

Non-bumiputera members have no say whatsoever and have to follow orders of bumiputera members? Big, fat, red, check.

Their justification from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and even Syed Saddiq is that this is part of their strategy to win the rural voters — because apparently our rural voters can’t determine who has better policies in politics but prefer to look at skin tone and race, regardless if their elected leaders are morons accusing the King to be “Malaysian Official 1”.

But you see, that is exactly the problem we are supposed to be trying to solve. We have gone for so long into having a politics based on race that this type of politicking has to stop.

If you fail to even have political integration, what on earth kind of policies are you proposing in the future?

Everyone can have cake, but non-bumiputeras can’t have icing or fondant?

Don’t get me wrong; I am a stringent supporter of the need for better Malay economic empowerment and an end to the amount of handouts given every year when it comes to agrarian industries like fishing and farming, but not to the point of doing so without the non-bumiputeras having a say.

I believe the bumiputeras need better assistance not so much because they are the chosen people, or even because they’re apparently led by God’s anointed chosen one, if you believe the Chief Minister of Malacca.

No, it is because the Malay race, unlike other races in our country, has the most insane genetically marked trait that makes them self destructive — jealousy of one another.

Need some examples?

Here we are in 2016, and the Malay race cannot accept the success of a musician like Yuna without doing a “blackface” skit parodying her hug with Usher.

The Malays cannot congratulate a national gymnast without pointing out that her wearing a leotard is haram, even while they’re smoking cigarettes that have been declared haram since 1995.

The Malays couldn’t even see a student accept a scholarship from Bank Negara Malaysia without pointing out she isn’t wearing a headscarf.

They can’t even look at a cross on a building without getting their faith shaken to the point of needing a protest, can’t see others eating in Ramadan without becoming a loose cannon, and cannot look at women in ads even if they quietly get an erection every time someone whispers “Yusoof Taiyoob” on the radio.

I guess the first one there explains Shah Alam and roundabouts, somewhat.

At the same time, younger Malay Malaysians who have seen the world are looking beyond race to pull off exactly what needs to be done as entrepreneurs.

Partnerships are being formed among young Malaysians — not Malay, Indian, Chinese, but just Malaysians. You can see this clearly in the technology and services sector and even food and beverage.

But this is all limited to urban Malaysia. It must be cultivated in rural Malaysia as well through the same partnership strategy we see in businesses. None of this can happen if assistance and handouts are not helping everyone, nor can it happen by making the rest of the Malaysian population mere “associates” in politics.

A lot needs to change in Malaysia without us establishing and marketing yet another “Malay power” party. After all, repeating the same thing while expecting a different result is insanity.

I didn’t say that. Einstein did.

Hafidz Baharom


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