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August 23, 2016

Ku Nan, please declare everything now

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One would not really know what to award the Federal Territory Minister with.

Should it be Most Ridiculous, Most Stupid, Most Astonishing or Most Dot Dot Dot, for there does not seem to be any word in any language fit to describe this one of many men (in Malaysia, there are a few) who has been somehow miraculously gotten elected and then been appointed to be a minister in charge of the Federal Territory.

This is the man in charge of our cities, more so our capital Kuala Lumpur. This is the man who wanted soup kitchens closed and bars fitted on public benches so that the poor and homeless of the city cannot lie down at night.

He seems to be playing the game to seeing who can be the Most ________ with Kalabakan MP Bung Mokhtar, but Bung knows he is ridiculous and loves being ridiculed.

Ku Nan is on a whole new level when he said that should he publicly declare his assets as a politician, he would be targeted by criminals, because of the amount he has stashed.

The Star reported that only the Prime Minister need know how much he has.

“I declare my assets directly to the Prime Minister every year,” said the Federal Territories Minister.

“I used to be a businessman and have a lot of assets. I am also afraid if I declare, my children and wife may be kidnapped, people could rob us – anything can happen,” says Ku Nan.

He was responding to PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil, who said Ku Nan and the KL mayor should publicly declare their assets to show commitment to the principles of transparency, reported The Star.

The issue of public declaration of assets by the elected representatives has been much debated by both the ruling parties and the opposition.

As for Ku Nan, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that the reason why the rakyat wants him to declare it publicly is because he is suspected of having much stashed which we don’t know about.

Ku Nan, we would not bother if we did not suspect. And if you were so afraid of criminals, probably you should not have stashed so much. If you are indeed afraid of criminals, why are you living in a big mansion, driving luxurious cars and living the life of the very rich? Do you think criminals are waiting for you to declare before they pounce on you?

Do you think that robbers are blind, deaf and dumb? They see you as much as we see you, they suspect as much as we suspect you.

Now that you have said this, all the more we want you to declare, because we suspect you have more assets than what we suspect you had earlier.

If going by Ku Nan’s logic, then no one should be on the Forbes list or the list of the richest people in Malaysia.

Ministers and elected representatives represent the rakyat, and the rakyat are not asking for their assets by asking them to declare them publicly – it is only for us to know that they are not using the pretence of representing us and hoarding their wealth through unscrupulous means through these posts.

The Heat Malaysia Online

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