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August 25, 2016

Callous bid to destroy church at night

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The Star today cites Tamil news reports that residents of the former Braemer Estate, who are parishioners of St Joseph Church, gathered at the church’s vicinity when workers contracted by the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) arrived to demolish the church at night.

MCA Religious Harmony Bureau condemns this clandestine action by the Kajang Municipal Council to demolish a place of worship in the dark.

Pakatan Harapan prides so much as championing religious freedoms. Yet this church tearing-down attempt had occurred in PKR-helmed Selangor state, what more at night which indicates the local authorities definitely wanted to conduct the demolition without attracting any unwanted public attention at all as it realises that desecrating a holy house is insensitive.

MPKj’s intended action is unscrupulous and crass as had it been successful in proceeding with the destruction, parishioners would have a rude shock awaiting them when they wake up in the morning or wanting to go to the church to pray or do voluntary work. Is this how Pakatan safeguards the religious rights of non-Muslims in states it rules?

While MPKj’s attempt had fizzled out, thanks to the speedy resolve by the parishioners to protect the church at all costs from the ravaging heavy machineries, the larger looming question is how much is PAS and Amanah dictating policies involving houses of worship in Selangor to stifle non-Muslims their Constitutional right to practise their faith?

Neither DAP nor PKR have expelled hardline PAS from the Selangor Exco. PAS remains entrench in wanting to establish a theocratic state while Amanah does not disavow the implementation of hudud enactment.

The state Assemblyman for Kajang is none other than PKR President Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah. PKR may have craftily orchestrated the Kajang Move. However, where is Kak Wan when her services and mediation are needed at the local level? As she is hardly seen up north in Permatang Pauh, Penang where she is the Member of Parliament, where is she exactly?

Besides failing to resolve the perennial flood woes stemming from Sungai Kantan bursting its banks, why has she and other Pakatan-appointed Kajang Municipal Councillors failed to bring a peaceful resolution between the  church and the local council?

Ng Chok Sin


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