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August 28, 2016

We took to the streets for Malaysia, says #TangkapMO1 rally organiser

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Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof speaks to participants near Dataran Merdeka, during a march to call for the arrest of ‘Malaysian Official 1’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia August 27, 2016. ― Reuters picThe students have taken to the streets today to defend Malaysia and its citizens from so-called unscrupulous leaders, the face of the #TangkapMO1 rally Anis Syafiqah Mohd Yusof said today.

In her speech towards the end of the tertiary students-led public protest here, the pint-sized activist said she worried about the future generation of Malaysia if the issue remains unsolved by the authorities.

“If we didn’t take it to the roads today, I am fearful that our children, the future generation will sleep on the roads.

“I’m not here to fight for my future, but the future and generation of Malaysians,” Anis said to roaring cheers from the hundreds of protesters.

Organised by a coalition of student groups, the #TangkapMO1 rally was aimed at pressuring authorities to take action against the so-called “Malaysian Official 1”.

In the US Department of Justice’s civil lawsuit filed last month, “Malaysian Official 1” was identified as a high-ranking government official with authority in 1Malaysia Development Berhad, but the individual was not named.

Anis said, students must continue to pressure the “Malaysian Official 1”, in order to help the authorities nab those responsible for the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal.

“If not for us voicing out, if not for us who do not have any personal interest voicing out, who else will?” Anis asked.

The rally near Dataran Merdeka today ended peacefully at around 4.45pm, which also saw the attendance of civil society members and opposition lawmakers.

Despite the targetted crowd of 5,000 crowd, attendance today was estimated to be not more than 1,000.



  1. The red shirt brigade decided to back off at last minute because it knew that the Tangkap MO1 rally would be attended mostly by the malays.

    Comment by alif — August 29, 2016 @ 12:28 PM | Reply

  2. All Malaysians especially our students must stand united with the young organisers of TangkapMO1 which might be arrested by police soon.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — August 28, 2016 @ 8:01 PM | Reply

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