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August 28, 2016

When our Ais Kosong becomes Teh Tarik…

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We Malaysians love our food, and we do not care if the stall or restaurant is non-hygienic. For many of us, we keep to the motto: What we don’t know won’t hurt us.

We do not care if the eatery is dumping its waste into the drains below it, or its sinks are clogged, or the plain fact, only one pail is being used to wash and rinse the plates.

Our main concern is that our bellies get filled with yummy food, never mind if in the process, the grease and waste from our eateries are clogging our drains and murdering our rivers slowly.

Studies on the water quality under the River of Life project identified food waste as the main pollutant in eight rivers flowing through Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, reported The Star.

“Sungai Keroh recorded a BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) count of 565.39kg per day. This means more than 500kg of oxygen and bacteria are needed to dilute just this one aspect of pollution on a daily basis,” stated the report.

This is only Sungai Keroh – and there are many other bigger rivers facing the same death knell. Sungai Klang need not be mentioned – for that is the mother of all rivers being ‘strangled’ in Malaysia.

There is already a ruling that eateries will only be issued licences if they install grease and rubbish traps before their waste gets flushed.

However, many will comply for a while, and then disregard it and completely dump their rubbish, grease and all down the drains, claiming that they flush it down with buckets of water after, which only serves to clog the drains and rivers further down.

There is usually no maintaining of the taps.

These rivers are in turn where we tap our water source from for our drinking water.

When they do get fined by the councils, the owners of eateries would clean up, pay up, and then after a few days they would be back at their hanky-panky again.

Why not, when customers are still flocking to their eateries and they can make up the amount they paid for the fines.

This is the biggest hurdle the enforcers have to deal with – the mentality of Malaysians who do not care if the eateries are dumping their rubbish into the drains and polluting the rivers.

As long as we Malaysians do not care how our eateries are polluting our environment and killing our rivers which provide us water for life, we will reach an end when we will be left high and dry.

Perhaps the next time we order Ais Kosong, the glass would look more like a glass of Teh Tarik,  thanks to our disgusting attitude now.

The Heat Malaysia Online

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