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August 31, 2016

MACC, not only Bank Rakyat but many more

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With Bank Rakyat’s chairman Jen (ret) Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal detention for questioning, it may add brownie points for Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) ‘doing the right thing’ record.

Prior to that, the bank’s managing director, Datuk Mustafa Abd Razak was detained on Thursday and has since been remanded.

While these arrests may seem MACC is truly fighting graft in the country, there are still questions in place as to whether these are fishes big enough caught by the MACC.

PKR Trade and Investment Bureau Chief Wong Chen says if MACC is looking to convince the public that it is doing its job, the arrests are still considered as small scale in comparison to more glaring issues the country is facing.

“If you look at the Auditor-General’s Report, there are so many issues that is of public concern that are not dealt with and are not even given enough attention.

“Yes, while Bank Rakyat is considered as one of the Government-Linked Companies (GLCs), the arrests of its high ranking officers may mean something, but it may not be able to convince the people that MACC is actually doing enough.

“The fact that MACC is able to arrest the Bank Rakyat officers also mean that they actually have access to everyone and anyone’s bank accounts, and therefore should apply similar authorities with the larger issues the country is facing,” says Wong.

While the MACC should be applauded for these efforts, Wong says if one were to compare this case to the controversial Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) alleged corruption, the FAM corruption case needs more attention.

“Why haven’t the ministers done anything? That is just one example.

“But the larger question is that, why hasn’t MACC brought in people to question over the 1MDB (1 Malaysia Development Berhad) scandal?

“Until the elephant in the room is being dealt with, the public will not be convinced with MACC’s effectiveness,” he adds.

He also says that the investigation of this RM15 million case is not comparable to the “missing” billions of ringgits.

Meanwhile, according to an anonymous source who sees an anti-opposition agenda, the MACC’s recent crackdown on the top ranking officers are only a ‘scheme’ to prove the commission’s impartiality as a law enforcer.

“Why do you think he is going after DBKL, the FT Minister and several others? Just to prove that they are impartial to lay their foundation in pursuit of the Opposition.

“It is quite clear that they will be going after the Opposition states next and in order to do that, they have to prove their impartiality,” the source says.

Soo Wern Jun

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