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September 6, 2016

Zaid: Politics will never be the same again

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zaid-ibrahim-1“Politics will never be the same again.”

This was what former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim had to say after today’s meeting between former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former protégé-turned-political nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, after 18 years.

Zaid told FMT seeing Mahathir and Anwar back together was uplifting and a positive development for the country.

“Besides it being testimony of the respect and fondness they have for each other that could not be broken, it shows that both men are big-hearted.”

Zaid said the leaders’ forgiving nature bodes well for Malaysia’s future.

Earlier today, Mahathir made an unscheduled visit to a High Court hearing here on an urgent application by Anwar to suspend the coming into force of the controversial National Security Council Act (NSC).

The 91-year-old Mahathir arrived about 3pm together with PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali, former Umno leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan, Batu MP and PKR Vice-President Tian Chua.

Mahathir, who left Umno earlier this year, was spotted in his trademark bush jacket. He shook hands and briefly exchanged pleasantries with Anwar in the witness room.

Anwar, who was Mahathir’s deputy and heir apparent to succeed as prime minister, was unceremoniously removed from the government and as Umno deputy president in 1998 for alleged sexual misconduct.

Mahathir told reporters later on that he was interested in the case as it involved national security and was there to endorse Anwar’s actions against the NSC.

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  1. Endless possibilities: UMNO kick out MCA and join force with the Rocket, and created DPM 2 post for LKS …. DPM 3 for LGE.

    Comment by Tigeryk — September 8, 2016 @ 3:17 PM | Reply

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