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September 12, 2016

Ambank Top Guns Must Watch Their Backs, They Know Too Much About Najib’s Accounts

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Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng lodged police report regarding two bank officials implicated in 1MDB article by Wall Street Journal.

Lim made report 11am at Dang Wangi on Saturday

he waited four days after publication of story

to see if any explanation or statement issued by authorities and banks

Until now no explanations from BNM, Bukit Aman and AmBank,” said Lim.

two AmBank officials assisted Jho Low” transfer monies from 1MDB to Najib

“We want police and bank to investigate and to give us an answer.

Lim urged police to investigate two officials

he would pass copy of police report to Bank Negara

My comments : Firstly ALL Malaysians owe YB Lim a huge amount of gratitude for being bold and brave to lodge that Police Report. Terima kasih YB Lim Lip Eng.

Malaysia has now become a country where people who lodged Police reports against this 1MDB matter have been arrested for ‘economic sabotage’.

I dont expect the Bank Negara or the Police to take any action at all against Cheah Teck Kuang (the former MD of Ambank) or Joana Yu (the Ambank official involved) for their part in this massive movement of funds in and out those bank accounts stated in that Wall Street Journal article.

As long as Najib is in power I dont think anything will happen.

The chief constable, the governor and all the other arms of gomen have become fully compliant. Meaning they take orders from their masters.

Once Najib leaves the scene (and let me assure you they will be gone) then not only the Ambank people but others who ‘cooperated’ will also be called to answer questions and perhaps serious charges.

These people must also be wary about their personal safety and security. They know things and detailed information that can put a lot of people in serious trouble. I feel really sorry for your fate.

Malaysia Chronicle


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  1. Any link to the murder of that AmBank founder Hussain Najadi?

    Comment by Diman — September 13, 2016 @ 6:44 PM | Reply

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