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September 17, 2016

Japanese AV star unfairly exposed

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Japanese adult actress Maria Ozawa, 30, gave her identification card and passport to immigration officials to update her work permit in Manila, the Philippines. Days later, she was informed by her friends that her document details were posted on Facebook.

Now the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration (BI) is investigating if the person who uploaded Ozawa’s personal particulars, identified as Amree Camzon, is a BI staff.

“The BI will not condone nor tolerate these acts. We assure the public that this case is isolated and the right to privacy of the BI’s clients is our paramount concern,” said Tonette Mangrobang, the agency’s spokesperson.

A Facebook account, supposedly belonging to Ozawa, revealed on Wednesday the leak by BI, which was processing her working visa. The post had photos of Camzon’s original post of Ozawa’s Japanese passport and ID photo, with the caption, “I bet you know this girl.”

Ozawa starred in hundreds of movies between 2005 and 2010, using the name Miyabi. “I don’t know if I should be mad or sad. I just cannot believe it,” the former porn star said in her post.

“One of my friends texted me today with this picture saying my privacy might be going viral. At first I didn’t know what she was talking about but when I saw the picture of my ID/alien card posted saying ‘I bet you know this girl’, it made me so mad and sad at the same time.

“This is very wrong. Immigration is a place where people TRUST and give their private accounts, details and look what she’s done to my privacy… Posting it on her social media.”

Ozawa’s other private information, including her location details, were included in the comments section.

After returning from the porn industry, Ozawa is operating her own business. She is running the “Singles Bar” at the Remington Hotel located at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Isn’t Ozawa entitled to her privacy? She has starred in X-rated lesbian, bondage and group sex films including Sex On The Beach, Lewd Flesh and Let’s Do It At School. Having barred all in front of the camera, she made herself a public figure.

She has opened herself to public scrutiny, denunciation and is judged morally for being filmed while in coitus with others, or appearing to do so. That is the choice she has made, and that decision that will colour every judgement on her.

Every move she makes will be judged on her temerity in choosing this profession.  She is condemned and dismissed for her supposedly voracious sexual appetite and her lack of ethnics in her choice of profession.

Nevertheless, she is still human, no more or no less than anyone else. Her choice to bare herself for all and sundry doesn’t forfeit her of the right to privacy. Similarly, if a person avail herself to strangers for a fee, it doesn’t mean everyone can take liberties with her when she doesn’t give her consent.

She is seeking justice for herself. Do you think she deserves it, or is the injustice she suffered too trivial for you? Are we able to look beyond the questionable professions and see the person involved?

Eddie Hoo



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