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September 19, 2016

Rafizi wants EC’s redelineation powers removed

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Rafizi-SPRRafizi Ramli will submit a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament to amend the Federal Constitution in order to remove the Election Commission’s powers to carry out redelineation exercises.

The PKR vice-president revealed that the motion, which he planned to submit next week, will specifically look into amending Article 113 of the Federal Constitution which focuses on the conduct of elections.

“The amendment will separate the power of redelineation from the EC and (put it) under an independent body,” he told reporters at a press conference here, although he did not specify what other bodies should have such powers.

The Pandan MP said while the EC allowed for objections to be made, he did not believe it will make a difference, thus the best way was to ensure the commission was out of the equation.

“The entire nation should join in removing them (EC), so they can never do this again.”

Rafizi’s plans to submit a Private Member’s Bill on the matter comes in the wake of a recent redelineation exercise that many on both sides of the political divide have found wanting.

It also led to claims by the Opposition that the redelineation would favour the Barisan Nasional, despite the likes of MCA and Gerakan – both component parties in the ruling coalition – voicing out against it as well.

Meanwhile, Rafizi said that a volunteer group, Invoke will be holding an awareness campaign on the redelineation exercise.

The campaign will see volunteers going door-to-door in affected constituencies as well as seeking the support of politicians from both sides of the divide.

Rafizi also urged parliamentarians to support the amendment to protect racial diversity and minority voices.

Khairil Ashraf



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