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September 20, 2016

Rosmah Mansor wear as many diamonds as you like – Hillary & Ambiga will always be ‘frumps’

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Apart from the New York Times, the doyen of the plagiarist press and manufacturer of stories and situations (Jayson Blair) generously giving space to a pseudo academic and intellectual, Tudor Parfitt, an adventurer who goes round the world attempting to find Jews where one existed before, there is little for the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s wife to really feel slighted about this insult to her by a group funded by the US (the Central Intelligence Agency) called the Antiquities Coalition.

The reasons for disinviting Datin Rosmah to and withdrawing the award they proposed to give her on behalf of the group Permata is cited as her ‘lavish’ lifestyle which includes her Hermes Birkin handbags. Now here’s the lesson for Datin Rosmah to learn from this snub.

Rosmah Mansor joins the over 1 million Palestinian children denied their right to be human beings, children and a part of the comity of nations,a denial and cruelty the likes of Irina Bokva, the Met are part of but of which which UNESCO itself is the architect of.

If I were Datin Rosmah I would wear that snub with honour dignity and pride rather than to feel snubbed. Gandhi was snubbed by the British till it was too late for them. Nelson Mandela was snubbed by the west for 27 years. There are others too.


The Antiquities Coalition is by its own material “a diverse group of experts in the global fight against cultural racketeering: the illicit trade in antiquities by organized crime and terrorist organizations”. What they don’t say is who they really are and why it is they are suddenly interested in the looting and intercontinental trading of stolen cultural artifacts and antiquities.

The Greek government continues desperately to seek the return of the so called “Lord Elgin Marbles”. In fact these are historic ancient marble artifacts, an integral part of Greek and ancient history, taken without authority (stolen ) by Lord Elgin (the British) from Greece’s Parthenon in much the same way the British and French looted the Pyramids at Cheops in Egypt.

The British museum is home to the largest loot (a Hindi word for stolen goods also stolen by the British to incorporate into their dictionary) in the world. And from where does that loot derive? Their colonies.

Now it is not as if the late Princess Diana, her mother in law the Queen of England or Hillary Clinton dress in rags or outfits belonging to them.

The Queen of England for instance continues to wear and “own” the Khoor-I-Noor diamond, stolen from the undivided India for which the Indian government has begun the process of attempting to recover that stone. Her grandchildren and their spouses are decked in pearls and diamonds no one is game to ask them the provenance of. They are embraced and celebrated for their ostentatious display of stolen property as their own.

Oddly enough, of all places in the world for the Antiquities Coalition to make the presentation of this award and a set up to embarrass the first lady Datin Rosmah Mansor was the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York (“Met”). Also known as the Met it is sometimes also referred to in art circles as “Rogues Gallery”.

The Met has a chequered and very colourful history for being the repository of fake works of Vincent Van Gough to being a conduit of black money over the years.

High society (what we otherwise call the well dressed pimps and thieves of the Champaign set) finds comfort and refuge in the stolen cultural artifacts striped bare from the ancient ruins of Babylon (during the US invasion of Iraq), Jordan and Egypt, India and China and the art world in general all under the eyes of the Antiquities Coalition. It provides the cover of legitimacy for tax avoidance, provenance laundering and money launderers using the respectability o the Met for cover.

It is widely believed that 1 in 3 of any great artworks in the hands of collectors today is a fake. These so called masterpieces in the hands of collectors from the Hollywood glitterati to former presidents are today more likely the works of David Henty, John Myatt, Ken Periyeni or even Wolfgang Beltrachi.

But who knows? Certainly not the Tate Gallery in London, the Louvre in France or the Met in New York. Each of these world renowned art galleries have at one stage or the other in their existence housed, purchased and traded in fakes, stolen paintings and artifacts and entertained the Parfitts and Irina Bokova’s of this world. And the Antiquities Coalition has quietly followed in tow and said nothing of it.

The one thing that has driven most art forgers in the pursuit of their craft is “fooling the experts”. These so called “experts” give themselves and their credibility away with their vanity taking hold and their senses and craft suspended most of the time in cocaine induced bouts of fantasy. In much the same way as they repeat and regurgitate well worn clichés like Gobells suggested a lie be repeated in order for it to be accepted as truth, they mouth off and react to what a dirty coalition of political whores in Malaysia pay them to do.


In the background of this snub can be seen the handiwork of the people who hold the dog chain that leads to Anwar Ibrahim’s gonads. The Tan Sri who finances his deception and jaded quest for power lapping it all up.

Parfitt is not competent to spell Rosmah judging from his fantasies in pursuit of making the whole world a Jewish connection, let alone judge her character. The New York Met is perhaps more appropriately Caligula of the art world and the Antiquities Coalition the world’s largest fence for stolen goods.

It is perhaps a blessing in disguise that Datin Rosmah Mansor was disinvited to the function that would have seen her bestowed an order of sorts that could only have tarnished her reputation and that of her country. Saved by the Bell, by Parfitt, Anwar, the Neocons and the lowest of them all Irina Bokova, the Bulgarian Jewish aspirant for Secretary General of the UN.

Tod Volpe art dealer to the stars, the rich and famous writes extensively about the hypocrisy, the theft, forgeries and trade in stolen and often forged works of art and antiquities in much the same way Mark Landis wrote about them.

How could anyone forget the fake Vermeer’s and the Nazi ordered duplicates and forgeries to replace that which they stole from Jews who some say unconscionably got their own loot from Europeans they exploited over the centuries? Who knows where the truth lies in all of this? Certainly not with the Met or the Antiquities Coalition (of thieves) or with Irina Bokova.

The late property developer, philanthropist and at collector Adolph Alfred Taubman himself once the owner of Sotheby’s he great British Art dealer was jailed for 3 years for peddling in stolen art and doing what his predecessors at Sothebys had one. Tax avoidance and price fixing. Taubman’s own personal secretary in exchange for immunity against prosecution testified against the man. This is the character and nature of the people who seek to set themselves up on a pedestal of high morality and sit in judgment of people like Datin Rosmah.


To the Datin we say, it is not as if Hillary Clinton a benefactor to the anti Najib campaign and a pro Ambiga Srinivasan campaigner wears Bata shoes. It is not as if her handbag is chelup made in China bought in Petaling Street for her by Ambiga.

Hillary may look like a tramp in oversized Salvation Army design blue pants and blouses, but beneath that façade of a humble woman is a humble woman indeed. She has a lot to be humble about. Nothing in the world can dress her to look any better than she is.


As for Irina Bokova she was trained by the KGB in Bulgaria and is of Jewish heritage although she prefers to keep that out of her CV. Her Bulgarian Jewish anti Islamic credentials are legendary. One cannot expect anything else from someone with such credentials. It is the standard of “proof and evidence” that saw 6 million Jews like her ancestors go to the Gas chambers of Europe. She now applies those same standards to a woman she “suspects” of living the high life. Just what the Nazis accused the Jews of Europe of doing sufficient for them to condemn them to a horrible death in the Holocaust.

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”.

They will remain what they are always. Move on.





  1. Rosmah Mansor need no enemies and foreign agents to tarnish her image, her husband’s and the nation’s. She has directly brought shame and distrust to herself and PM husband and the nation . Everything she and her husband did including receiving dubious awards monetary rewards and donations from Saudi Royalty were frauds and scams to deceive the Malays, Muslim community and Malaysians.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — September 21, 2016 @ 5:41 PM | Reply

  2. Who are the smart kids under Permata programme? Did those smart kids undergo international accredited IQ test to be deemed to be qualified to attend Permata programme?

    Comment by Irene Kana — September 21, 2016 @ 5:31 PM | Reply

    • PERMATA is actually pre-school version of BTN.

      Comment by Aswal — September 22, 2016 @ 8:45 AM | Reply

  3. Sad that kampung Malays still support this Lanun Bugis.

    Comment by Jamariah — September 21, 2016 @ 1:48 PM | Reply

  4. Malaysia’s number one thief and con couple will use all means including the NSC to cling to power. Their red shirts thugs are preparing to create chaos and riots and put the blame on Bersih..

    Comment by Mat Som — September 21, 2016 @ 10:57 AM | Reply

  5. Time is getting shorter for them … Hotel Sungei Buloh already booked for a perpetual period.

    Comment by Tigeryk — September 21, 2016 @ 7:25 AM | Reply

  6. Look no further then her own backyard to compare her contribution to education of the worlds kids…Sarawak’s own children are being taught and educated in run-down school buildings, some in danger of collapsing with school kids inside, struggling to learn to read and write without a clue of the grave danger they are in! In this case, the school kids deserved the award for being brave, studying in death trap school buildings!!!

    Comment by Brian — September 20, 2016 @ 10:24 PM | Reply

  7. Can Permata provide its audited accounts since inception? Anyone who knows Rosmah personally or have known her as the MO1 ‘s wife would attest that everything she proposed to the Umno Baru controlled BN government headed by her husband was both a propaganda to brand her as a caring first lady and for her to use these pet projects of hers to siphon tax payers money through government agencies. Rosmah Mansor is the CM1 or con woman number one. Malaysians demand to see the audited accounts of Permata.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — September 20, 2016 @ 10:08 PM | Reply

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