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September 23, 2016

Get the one who defamed teachers

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While it comes as a relief that the recent video alleging that a principal and a teacher were caught kissing and fondling each other in a national school meeting room was not true, the Ministry of Education and the National Union of Teaching Profession must find out who is out to sully the noble profession.

Minister of Education Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid tweeted that investigations have shown that the two main actors in the viral video are not teachers and it did not take place in a school as reported.

The very video, first uploaded in mid September by a Jones Jangkat, when it was shared infuriated not only parents but disgusted students and so many questions raced our minds as we cursed the two, thinking that they were teachers.

Some commentators joked that these two may be husband and wife who are so bogged down with teaching and teachers’ work that they have had no time at home. Many other condemned these two and said they have stained teachers nationwide.

Now, that the Minister himself had clarified, we rest easy, but not only the two must be found to get to the truth and most importantly the one who uploaded the video and alleged that these two were teachers getting horny on school premises must be taught a lesson.

The video looks like a setup as the whole thing was recorded with a handphone and not a CCTV.

The truth must be sought because has not only stained all teachers nationwide, but also put a dent into the trust that we have for the profession and the school system for that short period of time we believed they were teachers.

The NUTP must come out to condemn those who were out to sully teachers, for in a country where we hold our teachers as main educators of our children, such a video is alarming indeed, no matter how open our views on freedom to fondle in public may be.

Also, why did the uploader say that it happened in a school? Did he or she merely assume and if so, strong warning must be given to these wanton citizen journalists who have shamed and defamed our educators.

Not only we spent our precious time watching the two sick horny characters but also we spent our time thinking of whether there is more hanky panky that we do not know are going on in our national schools.

While some may say the writer may be making a storm in a teacup, one must realise the anguish of the teachers over such a fake video, for our teachers are not only a burdened lot, not paid their due, but now, they also have to reel with shame just because someone decided the two characters may be teachers in a school.

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