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September 25, 2016

Azmin to instruct lawyers to deal with EC

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AzminThe Election Commission (EC) must act in a responsible manner, warned PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali in a statement.

The EC should not brush off serious questions on fundamental and crucial matters, he added. “These go to the very basis of our democracy.”

He was disclosing that he, as the Selangor Menteri Besar, and the Selangor Government, would be instructing lawyers to look into all legal options in dealing with the EC.

He was commenting on the position taken by the EC in a letter which he received from the body on Friday.

The EC cannot displace voters without justification, said Azmin.

Displacing voters from constituencies was a denial of their legitimate expectations, he said. “They must be able to choose their representatives.”

“They must have representation of their choice.”

The people are constitutionally entitled to exercise their voting rights and choose their representatives, he stressed. “This is based on the track record of service and contribution by representatives.”

The EC completely failed to address key issues raised, he charged. “Their letter leaves us with the distinct impression that they cannot justify the proposed electoral re-delineation.”

Azmin had earlier written to the EC, on September 21, seeking explanations on the re-delineation and related issues. “I stressed the proposed re-delineation was unconstitutional,” said the Menteri Besar.

The EC was not a power unto themselves, he argued. “They must act constitutionally and in the interest of the people.”

Arbitrary re-delineation of electoral constituencies was tantamount to a violation of the legitimate expectations of the people, he cautioned.

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