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September 27, 2016

Condom question in PT3 trial exam paper upsets netizens

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condom,-education-ministry,-pt3-trial-exam,-form-3-students,-school,-social-media,-science-subject,-condom-salesThe answer to a question on condoms being sold openly, in a Form 3 PT3 trial exam paper, has people on social media voicing their outrage.

The photo of the exam paper with the question and the ensuing answer given by a student was first posted on Facebook yesterday. It has since been shared by thousands of Malaysians on social media.

The main complaint from among people on social media was that the student had written a factually correct answer on a question, but it was marked wrong instead.

The paper is for the Science subject from the PT3 trial exam which was said to have taken place recently.

To the question “The selling of condoms openly in shops has a negative impact which will create a social problem in society. Do you agree? Give your explanation.”, the student had answered: “No because condoms are a step for birth control which is needed to prevent pregnancy.”
However, the teacher had marked the student’s answer as wrong.

Some of the comments by netizens questioned the syllabus of the “Science” subject in secondary schools.

– “Why such silly question in a science test paper? It should be asked in a moral test, not science la. Really confused”.

– “This is a clear case of institutionalized imposition of a certain moral viewpoint. And what kind of question is this in a SCIENCE paper?”

– “More needs to be done to address the blatant disregard that certain ‘teachers’ have for critical and well-reasoned thinking as they show favour for biased, personal opinions backed in what appears to NOT be actual science.”

– “Many of the teachers, teaching in sekolah kebangsaan need to be re-educated, so as not to bring their religious ideologies when teaching science.”

Another person on social media said there could be no wrong answer, as the question was clearly asking for an opinion.

– “The paper clearly asked for an opinion and an explanation to back that opinion. Therefore, as long as you provide an opinion and an explanation, you should get the full marks.”

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  1. Muslims cannot use condoms, so difficult for malay students to answer the question?

    Comment by Richie — September 28, 2016 @ 4:39 PM | Reply

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