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September 28, 2016

Ti Lian Ker: Offers of money a ‘no no’ in procuring new voters

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Ti Lian Ker

In a statement he issued today, Ti said that the tactic of increasing the number of voters by automatic registration, besides extending incentives to them, was equally irresponsible. “It’s a no no.”

He cautioned political parties and/or non-governmental organisations against resorting to “bribing” those eligible to sign up as voters, arguing that it “will only lead to more corrupt practices.”

He was commenting on reports of an online initiative offering cash incentives to Malaysians who fall in the category of Gen Y, to register as voters. “It will not be wise to increase the number of voters who are not interested or ignorant in politics.”

He reminded relevant parties that there were already too many allegations of fraudulent practices and corruption that took place in the country.

Ti however did not rule out the reality of an increase in the number of voters, who were politically ignorant or easily “bribed”, and said this had encouraged politicians all the more to resort to even more corrupt acts to win elections. “This will become evident where only a small number of voters are needed to make the difference.”

Small groups in particular deciding the outcome of elections, he continued, would destroy democracy in the country. “It goes against accountability and transparency.”

He warned against a bigger pool of “ignorant, lackadaisical and irresponsible” voters emerging “to become decisive voters.”

Ti made these comments in the wake of reports that a PKR-linked NGO, of which Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli is adviser of, plans to entice the Gen Y to register as voters by offering them “incentives.”

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