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October 6, 2016

Are you Malaysian enough for this?

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A whatsapp viral came to me the other day and someone had done much homework into these truths about being a Malaysian.

Roti canai banjir, teh tarik, nasi lemak, panadol, maggi mee, traffic jam and the famous quote of “It looks like me but it is not me” are all words and terms that we know our fellow citizens would understand without us explaining.

Only a Malaysian at heart can testify to the “Malaysian-ness” of this whatsapp and actually read to the end. It almost makes us feel patriotic as we tick every box and say yes.

While some were edited out, nothing was taken personally, it was only for clarity sake.

Read on and see to how many you would agree, for many of these are part of our daily vocabulary and terms. Also, if you never knew, well, now you do.

National excuse for losing hair:


National Instant Food: 

Maggi Mee

National Breakfast :

Nasi Lemak

National Lunch :

Nasi Ayam

National Breakfast and Supper:

Roti Canai & Teh Tarik

National Excuse for Being Late:

Traffic Jam

National Fruit for Inducing Menstruation :


National Fake Illness for Getting Medical Certificate (Men):

Food Poisoning

National Fake Illness for Getting Medical Certificate (Women):

Menstrual Pain

National Cure for Diorrhea :

Cap Kaki Tiga

National Cure for Headaches:


National Cure for Dizziness:

Minyak Angin Cap Kapak

National Rubbish Dump:

Anywhere, as long as it is not your house.

National Answer for “Where are you?”:

On the way.

National Reason for Price Increase:

Petrol naik.

National Reason for Petrol Price Increase:

Still cheaper than other country.

National Excuse for Traffic Jam:

There was accident on the other side of the road.

National Reason for Rejecting Invitation

‘I got some work to do..u all go first’.

National Reason for Collapsed Buildings and Leaky Parliament Roofs:

An act of God.

National Excuse for Irresponsible Political Statements:

None. We were misquoted.

National Excuse for Jumping Queue:

Everybody jumping so what!

National Excuse for not Paying Summons:

Government will give discount one of these days.

National Excuse to Bribe:

Duit kopi-lah!

National Excuse when Caught on Sex Video:

Nampak macam saya tapi bukan saya, perut dia lebih buncit dari saya.

The Heat Malaysia Online


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