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October 6, 2016

What Jamal said when he flushed Umno loo

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When Sungai Besar Umno chief and Red Shirt honcho Datuk Jamal Yunos literally flushed down the letter of demand of apology from Bersih’s chief Maria Chin, it said a few things.

(Maria had given Jamal 48 hours within which to apologise for stating that Bersih is infiltrated by ISIS terrorists, after which Bersih will file a legal suit.)

For starters, when Jamal held the press conference in the toilet of the Selangor Umno building, it stated exactly where the politics of the country stands – right in the toilet bowl.

Secondly, as Umno obviously has given him the green light to meet the press in its building’s toilets, it showed how most leaders of the ruling party, who have yet to completely disown Jamal, tend to behave – like one who thinks everywhere is a toilet and that everything he does not like can be flushed down the toilet. this also goes to show that Umno does not seem to care what goes down in its toilet bowl.

(What would Indah Water say to flushing down paper in the toilet?)

Jamal also proved that this is what politicians have come to be in this country, even when they are taking a crap or doing their business int he toilet, the would have followers, as can be seen by those Red Shirters who followed Jamal supportingly into the cubicle.

It also showed exactly what media has come to when someone who stoops to this level thinks this is the way to get coverage – a flushbox. It also shows what Umno has turned the media into – fit only to cover what is happening in the loo.

Fourth, and this is the good part, at least Jamal showed us, Umno Selangor Building does keep one toilet cubicle clean at the men’s and it is a working toilet.

Fifth, when Jamal flushed the toilet, the toilet had water, and this showed that Syabas actually had supplied water – for in the past few weeks, Syabas has come under much fire for water cuts all over Selangor.

Lastly, Jamal showed that Umno has finally moved from squatting to sitting, and that says something, but worrying is that after so many years in power, it still has no respect to stand up to the people, even in the toilet.

While Jamal may have wanted to flex his muscles at Maria while he was working the flushbox,  he has actually proven what Bersih had said all along – how terribly dirty the politics and politicians of the country has become.

There is actually no need for her to drag Jamal to court, and it would be better to let him be, for Jamal has shown us exactly where he belongs and should be left to stink.

Zakiah Koya



  1. Jamal has flushed away Umno’s hope in the next GE.

    Comment by Farizuan — October 7, 2016 @ 4:29 PM | Reply

  2. Jamban bin Toilet Bowl = Anak Syatan bin Jamban ArmNo

    Comment by Tigeryk — October 7, 2016 @ 9:03 AM | Reply

    • Please DON’T said like these lah, RESPECT his CULTURE lah, this particular race always very CENT-SEE- THIEVES, but to them, maybe due to their Culture they can any how suka suka INSULT other races is OK type….just read/listen Tun M remark on them dah cukup faham budaya ni…. tiu.

      Comment by tiuniamah — October 7, 2016 @ 4:30 PM | Reply

      • He was born in the toilet and feed on sheet and urine babi.

        Comment by Tigeryk — October 8, 2016 @ 12:15 PM | Reply

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