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October 7, 2016

Baru: NCC2 should address plight of Sabah, Sarawak

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Baru-BianThe new National Consultative Council (NCC2) proposed by banker Nazir Abdul Razak should focus on poor governance, said Sarawak Opposition Chief Baru Bian in a statement. “It should help overhaul the system.”

“There must be separation of powers between the branches of government.”

The crucial bodies such as the Attorney-General (AG), the police, the judiciary and the Election Commission (EC) must be truly independent, urged Baru who is a senior lawyer and Ba’Kelalan Assemblyman.

In short, he said, the government must be accountable, transparent and competent. “We have the correct principles to guide us.”

These principles have been ignored and abused by the drivers of this country, he charged. “There’s no regard for fairness and justice, only lip service.”

Nowhere was this more evident than in Sarawak and Sabah, he said.

Baru, also a NCR and land rights activist, went into the salient points on Borneo for the NCC2.

Since joining with Malaya to form the Federation of Malaysia, the two Borneo nations have been shabbily treated and neglected, their wealth hijacked by the Federal Government for Malaya, and to bail out politically connected companies.

The people in Sabah and Sarawak remain the poorest in Malaysia.

Their religious freedom was being constantly challenged.

Perhaps, added Baru, the NCC2 could also discuss the restoration of the rights of the people of Borneo. “There should be urgent remedial action in Sarawak and Sabah.”

“This should be the priority item on the NCC2 agenda.”

Baru said he believed Nazir’s call for a new National Consultative Council was motivated by good intentions. “I share his sentiments about the state of this country,” he said, adding that the facts spoke for themselves.

There’s grand scale corruption at every level of government and business, nepotism, cronyism, racism and institutionalised discrimination, religious extremism and intolerance.

Educational standards are falling, continued Baru. “There’s widening income disparity.”

Again, the democratic space is narrowing.

On the international front, he said, the government tried to project the image of a moderate and progressive country with good economic and social indicators. “No one believes this fairytale,” said Baru. “I agree with Nazir that we are in dire straits.”

The National Consultative Council 1970 promulgated a set of guidelines or national principles known as the Rukunegara.

The New Economic Policy (1970-1990) was launched to promote national unity and develop a just and progressive society.

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  1. Why?
    Has 1Malaysia failed?

    Comment by Yuni — October 8, 2016 @ 11:45 AM | Reply

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