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October 9, 2016

The mess of a cake which is Malaysia

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The country is divided, and divided, and divided, and divided.

It is like a cake which is being cut up into too many pieces, with too many knives, that at the end, all we will have is a crumbled mess. That is exactly where Malaysia is heading with the colours of yellow and red, if the authorities appointed to take care of the nation do not stop their politics and do something about it.

From last week, we have heard of the attacks on the Bersih convoy by the Red Shirts. While some police personnel did something, many did nothing  Yesterday, the violence was upped – egg-pelting and beating up. A minister, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor had predicted riots. The ruling party, of which the leaders and members of Red Shirts, while saying it is not the Red Shirt Movement, seem to be hand in hand with what Red Shirts are doing, for the Red Shirts have yet to be admonished.

The police force in the states want to keep peace, but the top officers at the national are conflicted whether they are to be loyal to the ruling party or to the people. It is time the ones in charge of security tell those who provoke violence to stop and stop it altogether. It is time police put their foot down and crack their whips on those who are crumbling the cake.

As for the cake of Malaysia, prepare yourself for what you are to digest:

First, we were divided into born citizens and naturalised citizens – when Malaysia first came to be.

All the citizens were divided into Malays, Chinese and Indians. The naturalised citizens were those who came here by tongsan or arrived later by flight.

Then, we were divided into Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra. Then, the Bumiputra were cut into the Malays and non-Malays.

Then, the Malays, were cut into the Umno and PAS. The non-Malay Bumiputra were divided into Peninsula Orang Asli and the East Malaysia Bumiputras.

As for the non-Bumiputras, which were Chinese and Indians, they were divided into born here and those who migrated here.

Then, all were once again divided into pro-government and pro-opposition.

The pro-government were those who joined the Barisan Nasional parties and those who waited for the government handouts. The anti-government were people who joined opposition parties and who criticised government policies.

Then, of all, they take the lower income ones out, and divided them into those who received BR1M and those who did not receive BR1M.

The ones who received BR1M were checked into those supporting the government and those anti-government.

Those who were lower income but did not take the BR1M were put onto the fence.

The higher income were seen as the ones from the cities and from the rural areas. They are once again segregated into those politically active and not politically active.

For those politically active, they are seen again as pro-government or anti-government.

Those not politically active are put into voters and non-voters, possible converts and not possible converts.

Coming back again to the slice of those who joined BN parties, these are further cut into all the parties in BN. The biggest slice of the slice is Umno, and the rest further mashed up, and except for Umno, the rest have become crumbled cake.

For those who joined opposition parties, they are cut into PKR, PAS, DAP, Amanah and Bersatu. (Bersatu has a few crumbs straying from Umno). Each of these are all sliced really thin, hardly able to hold on their own and they sway onto each other, holding up together.

There are further divisions, with university quotas, schools, those who speak up or not, those who register as voters or not, etc.

Now, as the mess of the cake stands on the cake tray, we see yellow and red masses emerging. The yellow is a bigger mass at first, but the red colour seems to be messing up the yellow. Still yellow shines and the cake seems more yellow.

Science would have it that soon, the red colour would overpower yellow and it would all be green. But, in this case, it may mean the green of a moss on a nation that was once flowering.

Zakiah Koya


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  1. NEP and Islam are continuously used to discriminate against other races and keep the Malays under control. These are UMNO greatest weapons to rule forever. Many Malays who got their ‘privileges’ dare not question UMNO’s corruption and power abuse. It takes courage and self sacrifice for the Malays to wake up and free themselves for this mental slavery.NOur half-past-six Umno politicians have caused the Malay race to be weak and incapable of competing with themselves and others within and outside the country. The Malays should now go after them! And replace them. Ismail Sabri is one example. Virtually the whole Malay cabinet members are the other examples.

    Comment by Aziq — October 10, 2016 @ 2:39 PM | Reply

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