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October 10, 2016

Red Shirts acting like gangsters, says new NGO

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ridhuan-gerhanaThe newly-formed Non-Governmental Organization Group (Gerhana) want the police to take stern action against the Red Shirts Movement.

Speaking at a press conference at Sunway Nexis here today, Gerhana President Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah called the Red Shirts gangsters whose actions will have adverse effects on the economy and public peace.

“The police need to act swiftly and sternly against them and if the police need help, then they should call on the army,” he said.

He said that although Bersih 2.0 were equally wrong, for now they seemed like a peaceful movement compared with the Red Shirts.

However, he said the same police action should be accorded to Bersih should they act as violently.

He suggested that the police take Bersih 2.0 Chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah and Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos into custody until the issue blew over.

“The police should act sooner. Put both the Bersih and Red Shirts leaders under remand so that peace can be maintained in the country,” Ridzuan said.

He also called for the Red Shirts to stop saying that they were doing the things they were doing to defend Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“Stop using the Prime Minister’s name just to seem as if the Prime Minister is supporting you or condoning your actions. He is not.”

Also present was Ikatan Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia (IRIMM) President Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay who said that nobody wants another May 13 incident to occur.

“Many who talk about the May 13 incident weren’t around when it happened. I remember I was still in school and it took years before things finally cooled down and went back to normal.

“To the Red Shirts and Bersih, think about what is good for the rakyat when you want to act on something, don’t try to be a hero. It is terribly sad that this is happening.”

The Red Shirts had reportedly attacked Bersih supporters taking part in a series of road convoys around towns across the country.

The convoys are intended to publicise a rally planned for Nov 19 in Kuala Lumpur by the electoral reform group, to press for Najib’s resignation as well as for institutional reforms.

Jamal was reported to have accused police of obstructing the Red Shirts supporters at locations where the Bersih convoy was moving through. Police had also arrested three youths from the Red Shirts over an attack on a Bersih motorcyclist.

Sheith Khidhir Bin Abu Bakar




  1. Umno Baru Youth had been recruiting mat rampits, drugs addicts and gangsters to be disguised as and used as an NGO.

    Comment by Irene Kana — October 11, 2016 @ 12:10 PM | Reply

    • You are spot on Irene. Dumno think Malaysians and the Malay community are as dumb and stupid as them. The red shirts were supported and financed by the PM himself using tax payers’s money. They were tasked to create chaos and riots as and when Dumno is heading toward a massive defeat in GE14.

      Comment by Mat Som — October 11, 2016 @ 5:52 PM | Reply

  2. These hooligans from Umno are now showing their true colours. What have they against a clean and fair election and to ask for the PM to account for the money he has allegedly stolen from the rakyat?

    What Najib is planning to do is very clear. He wants these hooligans to cause trouble so that a racial incident can take place.

    Then he can enforce the National Security Council (NSC) Act as an excuse to declare emergency. That way he can suspend Parliament and continue ruling.

    Comment by Alfred — October 11, 2016 @ 10:35 AM | Reply

  3. Come on, why take Bersih Chairperson into custody ?? What wrong has she done ?? Are you implying that seeking for rights, fairness and clean electoral reform are wrong ?? We are also not stupid to believe what you said on your statement about who is backing this Red Shirts gang .

    Comment by sipaigong — October 11, 2016 @ 9:21 AM | Reply

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