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October 10, 2016

Why no increase in Parliament, state seats after more than 10 years?

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Today, Bercham assemblyperson Cheong Chee Khing, the DAP Ipoh Barat leaders and I called at the Perak Election Commission (EC) office in Ipoh.

We asked, and were briefed, by EC officer Md Noor. The meeting lasted 45 minutes. We informed the office we will formally present the necessary objections to the boundary (locality) and voters changes of Ipoh Barat, tomorrow at 10am.

It is no exaggeration to say that no redelineation proposal in the past has met with such massive and strong objections from BN component parties MCA and Gerakan.

The Election Commission can deny that the proposal is mainly to keep Umno in power, but the plain fact is that Umno, which will be going into its toughest electoral fight in the next general election, is the greatest beneficiary of this latest unprofessional redelineation.

Umno too can deny that the redelineation is to keep it in power at the expense of MCA and Gerakan, but even MCA and Gerakan will not believe this denial.

It is obvious that from the creation of 13 super-sized parliamentary constituencies, where the number of voters in each of these constituencies exceeds 100,000, that the EC has violated the constitutional principle of one man, one vote.

From the way that many polling districts have been removed and added to strengthen certain constituencies while weakening others, it is obvious that a massive gerrymandering exercise has been carried out.

Such malapportionment and gerrymandering are totally unacceptable. How could the EC, which is supposed to be independent, come up with such unacceptable proposals?

The proposals presented have also shown that EC has not done a professional job.

Last redelineation done in 2003

The last redelineation was done in 2003 and one was due in 2011, but it was not done due to the 2013 general election.

Since 2003, many Malaysians have become qualified voters. Any professional proposal will certainly entail the increase in the Parliament and state seats.

Yet, the EC has not proposed any increase in the number of parliamentary and state seats for West Malaysia.

I don’t see how the EC can deny that its failure to propose any increase in seats is due to political consideration, since BN has no two-thirds parliamentary majority and it is also not the state government in Selangor.

Can EC deny that if there is a proposal to increase state seats in Selangor, then the redelineation exercise will have to be debated in the state assembly? And that any unfair proposal that favours Umno in the next general election will not be adopted?

And if there is a proposal to increase the parliamentary seats, then the exercise will have to be supported by a two-thirds vote. The BN does not have a two-thirds majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

With no proposed increase in Parliament seats, the redelineation will only require a simple parliamentary majority to be approved.




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