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October 11, 2016

MCA: No to Yellows or Reds

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In view of the “Tragedy Mei 13 akan berulang” and “parang terbang” Facebook posting attributed to the account of a “Dato’ Jamal Yunus”, MCA Social Development Committee welcomes the assurance by the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who tweeted that “PDRM will take stern action immediately” clarifying that such violent incitement “seditious remarks are unacceptable.”

The law must come down hard on rebel rousers who in disregarding lives, are instigating the masses towards bloodshed centred on race. Such a scenario can easily crash out of hand when victims who are not aligned with any political body or NGO may be targeted due to their race, skin colour or appearance. If necessary, preventive laws should be enforced on the author of such a racially inflammatory and polarising posting.

Although the UMNO Sungai Besar Division chairman has since distanced himself from the “parang terbang” call, alleging that the said Facebook posting “is not the right account. I will make a report”, there is no dispute that the participants in the Red Shirts rally over the weekend of which he led, had resorted to physical violence against the Bersih 5.

Moreover, although Jamal Yunus has denied ownership of such blood-thirsty Facebook posting, MCA urges the police and even the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to deploy their Cybercrime units to trace the original author of such a posting and to shut down the said Facebook page or is Jamal Yunus hiding the truth?

Meanwhile, Jamal Yunus must own up if he is the administrator or still running the said “Dato’ Jamal Yunus” Facebook page which contains scores of Bersih and Red Shirts visuals propaganda. Strangely, after controversy erupted over the “parang terbang” print screen which has been shared over social media and on online news portals, the Facebook posting dated 21 Sept 2016 does not display under “public” mode anymore.

There is no excuse whatsoever Red Shirts goers to pelt eggs, deliver flying kicks to the Bersih 5 biker and convoy.

MCA rejects the shift of Bersih 2.0’s goal which has taken political undertones, from calling for “free and fair elections” to now calling for the ouster for a legitimately and democratically elected federal. Nevertheless, we recognise that the Bersih 5 convoy has a right to safety and security from harm, injury and harassment.

MCA disagrees with both Bersih 2.0 and the Red Shirts exhorting their respective followers to take to the streets, we nevertheless recognise their legal right to do so, so long as they have complied with the clauses contained in the Peaceful Assembly Act with sufficient notice duly informed to the police and local authorities and permission granted and street rallies.

MCA reiterates that any legally permissible street rallies must be carried out in a peaceful manner which does not intimidate or threaten anyone, much less cause physical aggression on anyone or property or vehicle. Over the weekend, it is clear that the Red Shirts went against the law when they took the law into their own hands and had threatened the personal safety and lives of certain Bersih 5 convoy participants.

Such violent behaviour must be slapped with charges in court, lest the authorities be seen as practising double standards and are fearful of the assailants and mob rule.

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