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October 15, 2016

Battle not over, says Bersih

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Although the 30-day submission period for affected voters who wants to object to the recommendations made the Election Commission (EC) has ended, Bersih 2.0 says the fight against unfair delineation has not ended.

Bersih 2.0’s special taskforce for delineation, the Delineation Action and Research Team (DART) said the battle is not over and that there are still several constitutionally required stages that must be completed before it reaches Parliament for approval.

“We are encouraged by initial indications that there is a greater awareness among members of the public, politicians and activists of the crucial importance of a re-delineation exercise in determining election results for the next eight years or two or three General Elections to come,” the Bersih 2.0 steering committee said in a statement.

“Judging by reports from the press and our own networks, DART expects a record number of objections this time round, surpassing the 285 received for Peninsula and 66 for Sabah at the last re-delineation exercise in 2003.

“After receiving all these objections, EC will go through them to determine which ones merit an invitation to an inquiry to hear objections from the spokespersons of the objectors. This could take place anytime between early till mid-November, 2016.”

The task force will train those who had volunteered to represent voters who filed objections against the proposed redelineation exercise.

DART will conduct Delineation Drills Of Spokespersons (DDOS) training to prepare those who volunteered to represent the 100 over fellow affected voters in their constituencies.

“DART would also like to help those who submitted objections to improve their arguments with more detailed research and also to coordinate legal actions where necessary or when no inquiry is called for their objections even though they are based on valid grounds.

“To be able to do this, we would need all those who submitted objection letters (Surat/Borang Bantahan) during this 30-days period, to e-mail us a copy of their submission. The e-mail address is dart.malaysia@gmail.com. Type in the subject header the code and name of their constituency, for example , P104 Kelana Jaya. We will contact all who submit their copies of Surat/Borang Bantahan to offer our assistance,” it said.

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