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October 18, 2016

Azmin Ali eyes common stance with Amanah’s alternative Bill

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PKR vice-president Mohamed Azmin Ali hopes to reach a consensus with Amanah’s alternative private member’s Bill which was unveiled in parliament yesterday.

“We are yet to see details of the proposal but certainly the matter will be discussed among Pakatan Harapan MPs.

“Hopefully we will take a common position on this matter,” he said at the Menteri Besar’s office.

“Discussions are still going on. Sometimes, there are issues where the party will take a position and that position will be discussed in Pakatan Harapan.

Amanah revealed yesterday that they will table a private member’s Bill motion as an alternative to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s motion on Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act or Act 355.

Azmin, who is also Gombak MP, said he had no qualms regarding the sudden move by Amanah without consulting other members in the opposition pact.

Hadi’s private member’s Bill seeks to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act, also known as Act 355, to give more powers to syariah courts, particularly in the matter of punishment. Critics have said that the idea is to pave the way for implementation of hudud, but PAS has denied this.

Hadi’s Bill is seen as an attempt to enable the enforcement of hudud punishment in PAS-ruled Kelantan.

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