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October 19, 2016

Throwing pythons at schoolgirls is sick

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My eyes welled up each time I watched the video of a group of young schoolgirls that were forced to wade through a muddy pool, but could not climb out at the other end because the slope was too slippery.

It was part of the training organised for the SK Beluru and conducted by four trainers and six assistant trainers from the Kuala Kangsar Civil Defence Force (CDF).

Two pythons were thrown into the pool to terrify the girls and to scare them further, jets of water were sprayed on their backs.

The ordeal lasted for several minutes. The trainers seen or heard in the video were all men, some watched while others laughed.

All 10 trainers and assistants have been suspended from handling any training programme with immediate effect.

After an official enquiry, they should be permanently banned from conducting any training and summarily dismissed if our CDF does not condone any form of terrorising act.

To prevent them from causing further damage to society or their families, these men should be sent for counselling.

They are sick to the core as whatever discipline they showed or religious rituals performed were just superficial.

In addition to counselling provided in the school, professional counsellors would be needed to speed up recovery for the deeply traumatised schoolgirls, as such an ordeal can make some grown men wet in their pants.

While not every member of the CDF can turn out to be a hero, there is simply no room for those who are heartless. Least of all, the sadistic who relishes torturing young girls.

I would have run amok if it was inflicted on my granddaughter.

Y S Chan


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